Gamescom 2020 details your digital event and dates

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what we feared was confirmed: the event Gamescom it would end up being canceled, despite having been the most resistant to being affected by the coronavirus crisis. In addition, the organization also announced that it would instead offer a fully digital event. Finally, they encouraged us to keep an eye out for upcoming information.

Now, we already know not only when exactly this new digital event will be held, but also what it will really offer. To start, keep in mind that Gamescom 2020 will be held digitally between August 27 and 30, 2020. In addition, it will base its philosophy on four main pillars. We review all of them below.

For starters, the organization has confirmed through a statement that there will be a digital platform that will be greatly expanded, and that will serve as a content center for all the latest news. What does that mean? Basically, that through an enabled site, we will be able to access much more information than with respect to past editions.

As they comment, this will be the first source of access for all world premieres, news, games, and events. Additionally, all Gamescom shows like Gamescom: Opening Night Live will also be viewable here. Also, inside we can find other sections related to the video game industry such as esports, cosplay, indies, and merchandising. Of course, they also stress that there is no need to buy a ticket now. All content will be free for all users in the world who want to enjoy it.

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As for the aforementioned Gamescom: Opening Night Live, with Geoff Keighley, it will be held on August 27, 2020. In addition, this year other formats will be produced, such as the first Gamescom: Awesome Indies. In this amazing program, you can listen to all the important announcements and news about the most anticipated independent titles. Also new is Gamescom: Daily Show, which will speak and expand on the highlights of its own formats, as well as the shows and promotions of companies and partners on a daily basis.

Furthermore, in the Gamescom studio, the main developers will be interviewed and will provide basic information on the latest developments. Finally, this year’s Gamescom will be completed with Gamescom: Best of Show. On August 30, this new format will close the event with a summary of the highlights of the edition. Also with a prize for the best that the event has left us.

And all this without forgetting this year’s Devcom 2020 digital conference (from August 17 to 30), which will have an extensive program ready for professional visitors with many talks. It has even been announced that in the future, Devcom will also offer a varied program of talks, shows, or master classes for game developers throughout the year.

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