“Friends” Star Lisa Kudrow Reveals About What Phoebe Will Do This Year!!

“Friends” reunion is what every fan and viewers have been waiting for a long time. During this Coronavirus pandemic, there is something that will cheer you up. Yes, we are talking about Lisa Kudrow who is one of the cast members in the American sitcom popular series “Friends“.

Lisa Kudrow Reprises Phoebe Buffay

Lisa Kudrow is trying her best to live again the life of her character role as Phoebe Buffay during these quarantine days. She wants to live her life the way Phoebe Buffay will live while isolating at home. In order to do the same, Lisa has been reprising her real life in the way of Phoebe. She is currently trying to be totally in the character role while trying to imagine the situation of Phoebe Buffay, Lisa can not help herself but think of what Phoebe will do in such situation of isolation amid the pandemic. She is overimagining herself with Mike Hannigan is they are the parents then how will their life be.

“Friends” Reunion

It seems like Lisa Kudrow is bumping with excitement and looking forward to the reunion of “Friends”. She is expecting to do a hell lot more fun together with each and every cast member of the series. The “Friends” Reunion is going to be more amazing and exciting not only for the cast members but also for the fans and viewers. As you know that the amazing series did end in 2004, fans have been craving to have one glance at all the cast members reunite again.

Even though the threat of Coronavirus is going on, The series is all set to bring back the memories and moments through its cast members. Lisa Kudrow reveals that there will be no script for the reunion and so it will be the best part of the overall series. No planning is going on for the reunion and no one knows the nature or situation of the reunion.

For now, fans and viewers will just have to wait for the “Friends” Reunion while hoping that it will happen soon. It is surely amazing that every cast member is looking forward to team up for the reunion.

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