Free PC games: new games for free on July 2 on the Epic Games Store

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Like every Thursday, Epic Games Store is preparing to give new PC games for free to download. For a few hours it will be possible to redeem AER Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3 The Game, but what are the surprises of this week?

From 17:00 this afternoon and until the same time on 9 July it will be possible to get free Hue, this is the only game currently announced as part of the free selection:

"Hue is an award-winning and lively puzzle adventure game in which you can change the world by changing its background color. While you are looking for your missing mother, you will explore a dangerous gray earth, discovering its colored fragments. When you combine the colors of the obstacles with that of the background you make them disappear, creating new puzzles that are increasingly unpredictable, full of dangers, mystery … and colors never seen before."

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It's unclear if Hue will be the only free game this week and if the second game will be revealed this afternoon at 17:00, in the past it has already happened that Epic has given only one title, so the possibility could repeat itself this time too.

Did you know? Epic Games Store recorded new records thanks to GTA V and Sid Meier's Civilization VI for free in May, two gifts that brought hundreds of thousands of new players to the platform.

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