Fortnite in Ray Tracing: here is the date and features of the update with DXR and DLSS

From the pages of leaks the launch date of the free update of Fortnite in Ray Tracing announced by Epic Games on the sidelines of the presentation event of the NVIDIA Ampere GPUs.

Made in collaboration with the programmers of the Santa Clara house, the Fortnite Chapter 2 update that will introduce dynamic lighting in DXR will be available on PC starting from September 17, coinciding with the arrival on the market of GPU RTX 3080 by NVIDIA.

The update in question will introduce new items in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale, Creative and Save the World menu to allow owners of a family video card GeForce Serie 20 o 30 to activate the lighting system in real time to manage in Ray Tracing reflections on ponds, dynamic shadows, global lights and ambient occlusion.

To reduce the impact of DXR on performance, however, starting with the update on September 17, it will be possible to activate the DLSS 2.0, the Deep Learning technique developed by NVIDIA to carry out the “intelligent” reconstruction of the screen image and thereby guarantee a higher framerate or resolution. To learn more about DLSS and the benefits of this technology, we refer you to our in-depth article on DLSS 2.0 and Death Stranding by Alessio Ferraiuolo.

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