Flight Simulator in development for Xbox One? Microsoft confirms

Microsoft Flight Simulator is expected to be released on August 18 and has already made headlines thanks to the extremely photorealistic graphics and the almost perfect reproduction of clouds and atmospheric effects.

Microsoft and Asobo have confirmed that the simulator is currently in development also for Xbox One and that the console hardware will not limit its performance in any way. Of course Flight Simulator is also under development for Xbox Series X, thanks to optimizations designed specifically for the console next gen, but the giant of Redmond has kept us to specify that it will not be a problem to adapt it for Xbox One, indeed these tricks will allow the game to run even better on the more powerful console, as the code will generally be even more efficient.

Flight Simulator has shown itself on PC with top quality graphics and represents a return in style for a brand that Microsoft has unfortunately largely ignored in the last decade. Yes it is obviously a niche title, but the product packaged by the American company seems to be a jewel as cutting edge from a technical point of view as it is simple in its playful structure. At the moment they do not yet have a certain date for the Xbox One version of the game, Flight Simulator will activate free VR support for the end of 2020, a feature that will further improve the immersion of the Microsoft title.

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