Fitbit Sense release date, price, features and stress tracking

Today we are looking for microtechnology. It will help us to do things in our daily life very quickly. If we are talking about mobile, then it is a micro-level of laptop.

Here, we will talk about the Fitbit sense, which is the micro-level of mobile. However, this contains many more features that the mobile does not have. We can take this watch as a smartwatch. This watch includes many smart features like GPS, skin temperature sensor, stress monitoring sensor, and many more.

Price and Availability of the Fitbit sense

The Fitbit sense will be available for pre-order. That means if we want to purchase this Fitbit sense watch, then we can pre-order it. But this will be shipped in late September. We can pre-order it from today onwards at $329.95.

Design of Fitbit sense

The Fitbit sense will have a similar look like the Fitbit versa 3. The Fitbit versa 3  is also the latest released model. The weight of the Fitbit sense is 45.9 Grams along with a small band and 48.2 grams along with broadband. It has a 1.58 inch AMOLED Display. One best feature and remarkable feature of the watch is that you don’t need to on the watch because the Fitbit sense is always in on condition. Its screen is always on activation mode. However, The display is still lowered, then the apple watch5 and Samsung galaxy watch3 models.

Features of the Fitbit sense

The Fitbit sense watch contains the electrodermal activity sensor. The Electrodermal activity sensor will measure the electrical current running on our skin.

Fitbit owners are saying that the company is looking for the FDA approval for the measurement of the aFib. Once the company gets permission from the FDA, then the watch will be able to measure the heart rate rhythm.

One other feature is the skin temperature sensor. This sensor will sense the temperature of your skin, and you will come to know about your health or sickness.

The most characteristic feature available in the Fitbit sense is GPS. Nowadays, all smartwatch has GPS. With the help of a GPS, we can track any device, or we can find a way.

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