Fatma Season 2: everything you need to know

Fatma Season 2: everything you need to know

Everyone is wondering that what will be the story and prospect of season two after the show was a hit?! We know that Fatma is a Turkish series that includes psychological thrillers and which is directed and created by Özgür Önurme.

Globally the launch of the series was on Netflix which released on April 27th, 2021. The lead role is done by Burcu Biricik and that’s why fans love watching this series.

You can watch Fatma Season 2 on Netflix now!

As we know that Fatma is a simple lady and who is also a cleaning lady, and who surprisingly kill someone when she was looking for her husband who was missing. His name is Zafer and was currently freed from the bars of the jail.

This act of her was known by Zafer’s shady friends with whom his husband was working in the underworld. But she did not have any option except to kill him because she needs to survive in this entire world.

She got away easily from this because everyone thinks that she is no one except the regular cleaning lady who does not want to interfere anywhere and all she works for earning money. Hence she was known as the invisible murderer.

If you have not watched the trailer of season one, you can go below and watch it right now.

Thoughts you might get for Fatma Season one:

The show shows that the cleaning lady could be powerful and brave when it comes to her and her family members and also it can be a threat to others who do not respect her.

She is independent and brave enough to survive on her own in this world full of men who are just disgusting. Besides this, she is also looking for her son and her husband because she doesn’t want to lose them at all, of course, who wants to lose their family members?

In this looking and finding, a man threatened her, but she got no choice left except to kill the man in order to survive in this world. She kills the man in such a way that it becomes very difficult to analyze who did it and how the person murdered ?!

Will there be a Fatma Season 2?

In the first season, there are six episodes if you have not watched the season yet. It is not yet confirmed that there will be an upcoming season or this will be the end of this season?!

Whatsoever will be the plan will, if the series got its success ratio higher then surely there will be a season two of this series. And if Netflix is renewing the season, then it’s a chance for a second season, and it will be launched by the end of the year 2022.

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