Fast And Classic New 2020 “Ferrari Roma” Survey, Gesture And Features

2020 “Ferrari Roma”

Generally, the ‘Ferrari’ league is well-liked for the racing car in the global automobile industry, and the new “Ferrari Roma” is one of them. The “Ferrari Roma” is a classic, luxurious, sports car model that will be appearing at end of the September 2020. The name of this car is taken from the Ferrari company capital which is ‘Rome’. So, this model will launch in the capital of the Italy-‘Rome’ in September 2020.

Performance & Characteristics

With the turbocharged powerful V-8 engine, which able to generate 561-pound foot torque and is also able to cause the 611 horsepower, which is suitable to the racer lover. Along with it is fulfilled with the 3.8-liter turbo tank engine and also the dual-grip 8-speed transmission, which is fully automatic in nature.

The “Ferrari Roma” commands that, the top speed of this model is 200 mph. And the pick-up power of this sports car is 62 mph in just 3.4 to 3.6 seconds. It may be possible because of the extra acceleration power. It is increased by up to 10 to 15 percent of the tackle.

The noise killer is almost killed by the exhaust particle filter, which makes the “Ferrari Roma” silent in nature.

The “Ferrari Roma” offers the 620 chevaux vapeur and it will also endeavor the almost around 3855 cc capacity. By, this it will also generate the 7500 rpm. For better speed performance, the company will use advanced technology for reducing the weight of the model.

The 8.4” wide inches digital display screen offered features like climate switch authority and it is fitted in the middle of the interior structure.

The Human Machine Interface interior offers the feature of the eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. By, this you may prevent the accident.


The base price of the Ferrari Roma will be around  $225,000 in the Rome capital.

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