Farming Life in Another World Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Release of a light novel, adaptation into manga, and eventually adaptation into an anime TV series are the three steps for Japanese fictional works to be offered to fans in response to their needs across many media. Every one of these continuations is dependent on every other one. Therefore, a continuing manga and a light book series are both necessary for an anime to be renewed.

Farming Life in Another World Season 2

Fans from all around the world have adored Farming Life in Another World, another kind of manga series. It debuted as a light book before becoming a manga. The next step is the 2023–2024 television anime adaptations of our beloved light book and manga series, which ran from January to March of that year. Now that the time has come, viewers are clamoring for a further season of the program.

Therefore, we have returned to inform you of the rationale for the show’s continuation. Is it possible to renew it? Could it be renewed at all? Rest assured, we will cover everything in the next section of this post. Without further ado, let’s go to the following panel, where you’ll find some solutions.

Farming Life in Another World Season 2 Renewal Status

When Season 1 concludes, what happens next? Is it anything that Machio Hiraku’s life will have? Because we know that most people have a lot of questions about the second part of the series, we’ve written this post to answer those questions.

The demands for the second season’s renewal status are quite diverse. Undoubtedly, the anime series’ devoted fan base is eager to learn more about the upcoming sequel. Keep in mind that the show’s pilot episode was out not long ago and that the studio usually puts a lot of time and effort into researching whether or not to continue an anime series.

We have faith that the showrunner will find an obvious approach to announce a second season thanks to the show’s success. We think the program has great potential for the next year, and the showrunner is likely already planning season two. Our staff is actively investigating the situation and will inform you via this post of any developments about the second season of the series or the installation of the second half.

Farming Life in Another World Season 2 Release Date

Worldwide, viewers of the hit anime series Farming Life in Another World are eagerly awaiting the premiere of season 2. According to the creators, 2023 is the target launch year for the next season. At this time, however, the release date is still up in the air. Nobody knows when it will be released just yet.

Farming Life in Another World Story

As a gesture of atonement, after Hiraku’s accidental death as a result of a deity’s failure to bestow good fortune, the god reincarnates him on a different planet and gives him a sacred relic to use any way he sees fit. As Hiraku gradually establishes a community and town of many species, he takes on the role of mayor. This new existence for him turns out to be extremely peculiar.

Farming Life in Another World Cast

  • Hiraku Machio Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (Japanese); Blake Shepard (English)
  • Rurushi Ru Voiced by: Shino Shimoji (Japanese); Luci Christian (English)
  • Tia Voiced by: Aya Suzaki (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)
  • Ria Voiced by: Lynn (Japanese); Katelyn Barr (English)
  • Ann Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii (Japanese); Shannon Emerick (English)
  • Lamulias Voiced by: Yūka Aisaka (Japanese); Christina Kelly (English)
  • Daga Voiced by: Haruki Ishiya (Japanese); Jeremy Gee (English)
  • Flora Voiced by: Miyu Tomita (Japanese); Annie Wild (English)
  • Sena Voiced by: Machico (Japanese); Cat Thomas (English)
  • Donovan Voiced by: Kōsei Hirota (Japanese); Louis Gallindo (English)
  • Lastismoon Voiced by: Natsumi Hioka (Japanese); Donna Bella Litton (English)
  • Flowrem Chrome Voiced by: Miho Okasaki (Japanese); Allison Sumrall (English)
  • Hakuren Voiced by: Kanae Itō (Japanese); Chelsea McCurdy (English)
  • Yuri Voiced by: Reina Kondō (Japanese); Emi Lo (English)
  • Ya Voiced by: Riho Sugiyama (Japanese); Genevieve Simmons (English)
  • Michael Goroun Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta (Japanese); Jay Hickman (English)

Farming Life in Another World Season 2: Is there enough source material?

Kinosuke Naito’s light novel series, with Yasumo’s artwork, served as the basis for the anime Farming Life in Another World. December 2016 marked the beginning of its publication on Shōsetsuka ni Narō, a website that allows anyone to publish their novels. After a while, Enterbrain bought it and started publishing the series in print with pictures. On October 30, 2017, the first book of the novel series was launched, and on December 28, 2022, the most recent issue was issued.

After adapting two volumes out of ten, the first season of the anime left us with over eight volumes of content—more than enough to make not one but three seasons of the anime. Readers interested in picking up where the anime left off may do so beginning with volume 3.

The good news is that Studio ZERO-G has more than enough material to start working on a new season right immediately, as there are already 8 volumes of source material accessible to adapt.

Where to watch Farming Life in Another World?

You may watch the Farming Life in Another World series on both BS TV Tokyo and AT-X.

Farming Life in Another World Rating

With 7.4 stars on IMDb and 7.24 on MyAnimeList, Farming Life in Another World’s first season is a smashing success.

Farming Life in Another World Season 2 Trailer

The showrunner has sadly chosen not to unveil the official second season trailer. The lack of an official trailer is because the authorities have not made any announcements on the series’ future.


Fans of Farming Life in Another World have been wondering what the show’s future holds since the first season was published. The eagerness of the program’s followers to learn about the second portion of the show is understandable. But specifics about the sequel of the series are few at the moment.

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