Fall Guys, all hunting for Skins: the team unveils the most popular costumes

Between crashing into an impassable portal, strenuous ascents along slippery slopes and unlikely dives in search of safety, active players on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout they also dedicated themselves to the hunt for skins.

By advancing a level or making in-game purchases, participants in the noisy and colorful battle royale can in fact put their hands on different types of costumes, ranging from representations of cacti and buccaneers, in a bizarre carnival of competitors. But what are the Favorite Fall Guys skins by PS4 and PC title players?

Well, the mystery was revealed by the developers of MediaTonic, who revealed an evolution in the trends of the players. In First week of the presence of the battle royale on the market, the community threw itself with determination on the costume depicting a wolf, unlockable after logging into Fall Guys during the launch period. To contend the primacy to the predator, only the Skin of the pigeon, among the first to be conquered by increasing the level of the character. Now, data updated at the beginning of September, reveal that the most popular costume of all in Fall Guys is the one depicting a hot-dog. Once again, however, he closely follows the pigeon people. What is your official uniform in the work MediaTonic?

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In closing, we remind you that a new wave of Skins is in the pipeline in-game. Simultaneously with the presentation of all the details on the Season 2 of Fall Guys, MediaTonic has in fact offered a first look at the costumes inspired by wizards, dragons and knights expected soon.


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