Call Of The Night Chapter 188 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Call Of The Night Chapter 188 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Chapter 187 of Call of the Night examines Kou and Anko’s companionship as they go on a date to talk about Nazuna. Nighttime strolls help you manage his sleeping disorder.

Call of the Night, also known as “Yofukashi no Uta,” is a popular nocturnal mystery manga revolving around supernatural beings such as vampires residing in urban Japan. The manga’s popularity increased after an anime adaptation was created.

The plot of Call of the Night follows Ko’s existence. One fateful day, Ko decides to take a nighttime stroll and partake in some mild imbibing near a club.

Ko discovers Nazuna as a conversation companion after imbibing all night and relishing the night’s atmosphere. They conversed until midnight due to Nazuna’s attractiveness and affability.

When the full moon reached its brightest point, Nazuna’s personality changed abruptly. She swiftly invited Ko to his home, and Ko anticipated receiving the “one nightstand” he desired so much. Excited, he followed Nazuka to her residence.

When Ko awoke at Nazuna’s residence, he was unable to recall anything except that there were numerous bite marks and a very aromatic red liquid on his bed linens.

Ko questioned whether or not Nazuna was a dream, but he realized he was not in his own home. He was assured that something occurred last evening.

Prepare for the highly anticipated publication of Chapter 177 of Call of the Night! In this chapter, the captivating tale of Ko and Nazuna’s unique vampire-human romance continues to unravel, revealing new revelations and developments.

Join us as we delve into a recap of the previous chapter, an exciting preview of what’s to come in Chapter 177, the release date and time, and the location where manga fans can immerse themselves in this captivating story.

When the full moon shone vividly, Nazuna’s character changed abruptly. She promptly welcomed Ko to his residence, and he anticipated receiving the “One nightstand” he had requested. Excited, he enthusiastically followed Nazuna to her residence.

Call Of The Night Chapter 188 Release Date

Call Of The Night is a well-known manga that has amassed a sizable fanbase.

Since a new chapter of this manga is released every time, the release date for chapter 188 of Call of the Night will be October 19, 2023.

Foreign users of the series will be able to read the manga in accordance with the time zones of their respective regions, as illustrated below.

Call Of The Night Chapter 188 Trailer

Call Of The Night Chapter 188 Plot

In Chapter 176 of Call of the Night, Ko attends a photo session to obtain a picture with his beloved maid club, Viva Maids.

Akira was eventually able to take a picture with his beloved housekeeper, Sarumi-san, after hours of arguing and overcoming his anxieties.

After the photoshoot event concluded and Ko took a selfie with Sarumi, he returned to his job as a vampire bartender and later considered asking Nazuna to pose for a photo with him.

Ko responds that Nazuna friend-zoned him, but Nazuna overheard the conversation and beat Ko. Later, Nazuna disclosed that Ko is in fact his stepbrother.

This astonished everyone in the establishment, but it appears that their relationship is now beyond reproach. As usual, Nazuna goes to Ko’s home in the evening to play video games and chill out.

Kou was anxious about the beginning of the school year and attempted to recall the last time Nazuna consumed his blood. Kou was unable to sleep all night, so he traveled to Nazuna the following day.

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Nazuna rejects Kou’s request and tells him to stop behaving improperly because she is not in the mood to eat at the beginning of Call of the Night chapter 187.

After seeing his neck, she then informed Kou that she was extremely intoxicated and disoriented.

When they first met, Kou recalled, Nazuna was assisting insomniacs to fall asleep, and he was suspicious that a foreign woman was preying on him.

She commented on how rapidly time passed and assured him that summer holidays were lengthier than spring breaks, so he should anticipate them.

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