Falcon and the Winter Soldier: We explain the post-credits scene to understand its ending

ATTENTION: Although you can already guess, we repeat: here are SPOILERS from the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. If you haven’t seen the latest episode, come back later or read it at your own risk.

A few hours ago we told you that the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier it had been intense and had finally introduced us to Falcon as Captain America, with his new Wakanda wings (the previous ones were broken by Paul Walker).

But like any good Marvel production (and even more so when closing a season and we do not know if even the series, there is a post-credits scene, and it turns out that it leaves us the end even more open than we expected, so the rumors of a continuation are more than that.

In it we see how Sam keeps his word to Sharon Carter and gets the US government to pardon her, recovering his title of “Agent Carter”. Of course, Sharon is the Power Broker, so re-inserting her is a perfect opportunity for her to get all the secrets of the government, as well as the technology that she can use to create physical improvements for anyone who wants to pay for it, analyzes Comicbook. Very Bioshock everything, if we look at it like that.

And this, of course, will have repercussions. Sam is already the new Captain America, but not everyone is going to like him. Bucky’s future is uncertain, but he will follow Sam in general. Mind you, not a word about what happened to the older version of Steve Rogers. Of course, Sam gets the name of Isaiah Bradley known, which will make his grandson evolve to become the Patriot hero. Of course, as we say, Sharon will still be there, and can “sell” improvements to everyone. To good … and to “bad”.


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