Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 5 includes a mid-credits scene


We are going to give information about Falcon and the Winter Soldier relative to the end of episode 5. Please, if you have not seen it, wait until you do or you are going to expose yourself to some other SPOILER.

As happened with Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier He has already had his first scene in the middle of the credits after half a season with nothing of the kind.

Episode 5 of the series, called “The Truth”, contains a scene during the credits that although it is short, it is important. Something that advances us what will happen later.

It seems to presage that there will be even more if it follows the style already established by the Wanda and Vision series.

In the scene we see John Walker, who re-emphasizes that he is Captain America, even if the government says otherwise. Build your own shield. We see the now ex-captain building and painting his new team, and using his own Medal of Valor as the basis for the design.

It’s clear what to expect from Walker next week, but it’s still interesting to see how he will do it. Given that he’s in conflict with Sam and Bucky, we’re not sure if he’ll face off against the duo, but we’ll have to see how he manages (unsuccessfully) to seize Captain America’s legacy.

If you want to delve with us a little more into the history of the Winter Soldier, on the other hand, we recommend our article about his past in Marvel comics.

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