Factors Driving the Growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry in India

Factors Driving the Growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry in India

We know that using technology and staying connected to it every now and then has improved the lifestyle of people. Also, a lot of industries have been started digitally as well as the gaming industry is so popular and famous.

Nowadays mobile technology and that too gaming technology have been at the top because if you observe, you will get to see that every single person’s mobile or laptop has a game that they play regularly.

Mobile Gaming Industry in India

That is why in the market, this technology is the fastest growing because the use is unstoppable, especially in India. India is amongst the five gaming biggest markets in the world and this is news is confirmed/given by Mobile Marketing Association(MMA).

For a large number of people, mobile gaming has become the primary choice in the past few years, they can not resist playing those games.

Also, games like a solitaire card which is a card game and it are very popular among the young generation and the people who love playing cards and other traditional games. Also, we have the number of people and also factors of the mobile gaming industry.

India’s gaming market is 2.4 billion US dollars by 2020 and it is confirmed by a survey portal Statista. Mobile games are so popular and their popularity is increasing day by day, if we go into how many people play then we could say that out of 10, 9 people are lovers of mobile games.

Also, it is the estimated value that Indians play more than an hour of mobile video games that too every single day, it’s like they can skip any other activity but not playing mobile games.

The rise of mini-games:

We know that mini-games are gaining a lot of fame nowadays and which is going insanely popular among everyone. Such games are installed on every Indian’s mobile and also they play a lot every single day.

Because the game gives so many levels of competition and challenges that they can not resist playing it and winning it of course!

The growing popularity of real money games:

Yes, we can talk about those games which are played using real money – real money games are also famous among everyone. Games like Solitaire Gold are played with real money and the also winner gets a cash prize if they are winning the game.

This game gives a productive environment and entertainment if they are getting bored. Also, these games are protected by the Indian constitution so they can play these games in a safe environment.

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