Evil Dead Rise 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Just when you thought the Deadites were dead for good, they resurrected to frighten and thrill moviegoers once again. How did we get to Evil Dead 6 already? Wild.

With Evil Dead Rise, one of the greatest horror film series of all time has entered a new age. The setting shifts from an isolated cabin to an apartment complex in Los Angeles, but the amount of violence and chaos remains the same. The zombie film was directed by Lee Cronin, with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell serving as producers.

This day may be fresh, but the Necronomicon is timeless. With the film adaptation of the novel now underway, when can we expect to see Evil Dead Rise 2 in theaters? Is there going to be another Evil Dead film?

Evil Dead Rise 2 Release Date

The release date for Evil Dead Rise 2 has not been set as of May 2023. Although a sequel has not been officially announced, Bruce Campbell’s recent statements have led many to believe that one is on the way. The new idea is to release a new Evil Dead movie every few years, rather than once per decade. It will be interesting to watch how it plays out. So, in a nutshell, stick around. The vibe is about to change for the better.

Evil Dead Rise 2 Cast

Since Deadites can’t really die, any of the actors from Evil Dead Rise might come back for a sequel. The likelihood of a resurrection is low, however, since Ellie and her kids merged into one giant blobby Deadite in the last slaughter and then were crushed in a wood-chipper. A few of the neighbors we saw could come back from the grave, but we highly doubt it since that apartment building they formerly called home is scheduled for destruction.

Beth (played by actress Lily Sullivan) might play a Deadite-destroying hero like Ash from the original movies if she and her niece Kassie, who also survived the devastation in the basement garage, return for a sequel.

Deadite Jessica (Anne-Maree Thomas), another potential survivor from Evil Dead Rise, emerges from the lake, fully prepared to resume her murderous spree. Although Ash appeared in a post-credits cameo at the conclusion of 2013’s Evil Dead, the original Deadite murderer will not be returning for a sequel to Evil Dead Rise.

Evil Dead Rise Ending Explained

The terrifying events start when Ellie’s apartment building shakes, exposing a hidden vault underneath. The youngsters’ curiosity gets the best of them, and they decide to look about. They stumble across the Book of the Dead and a fascinating set of records. Deadites have been awakened and are roaming free in the building, as every fan of the series knows only too well once the book is opened and the record is played.

Ellie is the first person the Deadites torture, killing her in a particularly gruesome fashion by strangling her with the elevator’s wires before possessing her and going on to harass the rest of her family. Deadite Ellie wounds Bridget’s face with a tattoo gun and licks her, sending her into a psychotic rage; Ellie is then enticed into the apartment building’s hallway, where she embarks on a horrifying killing spree.

Only Beth, who has now revealed she is pregnant, and Kassie make it through the carnage unscathed, and they run for their lives into the parking garage of their apartment building, where they are pursued by an especially gruesome Deadite monster that appears to be made up of the corpses of their entire family. After a bloody battle, Beth and Kassie are able to escape in their car when Beth lures the monster into a woodchipper, where it is promptly killed. However, this is not the last chapter…

Evil Dead Rise 2 Plot

More characters in Evil Dead Rising 2 will come into contact with the Necronomicon. The established canon of three novels leaves room for speculation about what a fourth book may cover. There may be a connection between Beth and Kassie, or maybe Mia from the remake would come back to finish the job. The rest is up in the air, but you can count on deadites and blood.

Evil Dead Rise 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for Evil Dead 6. Our best guess is that we won’t see one until 2024.

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