Enola Holmes 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Details

Based on Nancy Springer’s young adult novel series, Millie Bobby Brown put her sleuthing skills to use once again in Enola Holmes 2. The Netflix sequel premiered on November 4. Sister of the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes, Enola quickly launched her own private investigation firm.

Enola’s first case is tracking down a young woman who disappeared after being falsely accused of theft. The second installment of the Enola Holmes franchise opened to the highest-grossing weekend in U.S. history. The question of whether or not there is going to be a third book in the series has already been raised by fans. The good news is that we have started investigating. Everything that has been discovered thus far concerning a third Enola Holmes film is discussed here.

Enola Holmes 3 Renewal Status

Even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet, the Enola Holmes book series by Nancy Springer has plenty of material for a third feature. So far, there have been seven Enola Holmes novels, which bodes well for the future of the series.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

As of now, there is no information available regarding when Enola Holmes 3 will be available on Netflix. However, Enola Holmes 2 has received mostly positive reviews from critics, and the adventure film has become a global Netflix phenomenon. Thus, a third installment of the Enola Holmes franchise is likely to be approved soon.

A possible release window can be inferred by examining the gap between the first two films. The first film starring Enola Holmes was released in the fall of 2020, and the second film was released in the fall of 2022. That schedule would put the release of Enola Holmes 3 in the fall or winter of 2024.

Enola Holmes Story

Enola Holmes, the clever younger sister of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, is the protagonist of The Enola Holmes Mysteries, a thrilling nine-book novel series written by Nancy Springer. Enola decides to open her own detective business in Victorian England, despite the fact that this field is traditionally male-dominated.

The first film starring Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes premiered in September 2020, and it introduced people to this exceptional heroine. Henry Cavill played the iconic detective, with Sam Claflin as his brother Mycroft, and Helena Bonham Carter as his wife, Eudoria.

Based on Nancy Springer’s “The Case of the Left-Handed Lady,” the sequel had Enola search for a lost young girl who possessed a great gift for sketching. There are still seven books still to be written in the “Enola Holmes” series, so it’s not hard to picture further films expanding on the universe and the exploits of this young investigator.

Enola Holmes 3 Cast

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill would be a great choice to reprise their roles as Enola and Sherlock in the third installment of the Enola Holmes franchise. Without them, the movie would be a failure.

We might also anticipate cameos from characters like Enola’s mother (Helena Bonham-Carter) and her love interest (Louis Partridge’s) Lord Tewksbury (who starred in both films). If the third film is based on the third novel in the series, then a major player in the Holmes canon, Dr. John Watson, will also make an appearance.

Our complete, entirely made-up cast list for Enola Holmes 3:

  • Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes
  • Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
  • Louis Partridge as Lord Tewkesbury
  • Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes
  • Susan Wokoma as Edith

Enola Holmes 2 Ending

The conclusion of Enola Holmes 2 clearly sets up the scenario for a third film, particularly with regard to Sherlock’s growth. During the credits, Dr. John Watson (Himesh Patel) knocks on Sherlock’s door, hoping to become a roommate. We all know that Sherlock and Watson end up working together.

Moriarty, Sherlock’s archenemy, makes an appearance and ultimately escapes from the police in Enola Holmes 2. Enola, meantime, decides to work independently, but she is now open to occasional assistance from friends and even Sherlock. She’s in a relationship with Viscount Tewkesbury at this point, which could be developed in a sequel.

Enola Holmes 3 Plot

Similar to the first film, Enola Holmes 2 resolves the central mystery without setting up any major questions for the third installment. At the end of the second film, we learn that Moriarty has escaped from prison, so we may expect her to return in the third film to wreak havoc once again. At least if another mystery arises, Enola and Sherlock will have Dr. John Watson to rely on.

Enola Holmes: What is it based on?

The seven novels in Nancy Springer’s Enola Homes series serve as the basis for the film adaptations. Enola Holmes is 14 and she is the younger sister of the famous detective. Despite their significant age difference—20 years—she shares his feeling of obligation and duty to solve riddles.

The Case of the Missing Marquess is the basis for the first film adaptation, in which Enola begs her brothers to help her track down her missing mother. Enola Holmes 2 is set in 1888, when match girls at Bryant & May in London went on strike, and is not based on any of Springer’s works.

Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes haven’t always been successful. A promising setup was squandered by Holmes and Watson. The popularity of the Enola Holmes films can be attributed to the fact that they are entertaining, interesting, and feature excellent characters. This is also the reason why fans are holding out hope for a third film in the series.

Enola Holmes 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is still no Enola Holmes 3 trailer available online. The release of the film’s imagery is anticipated for late 2023 or early 2024. You can catch the first two films in the series on Netflix.

Where to watch Enola Holmes?

Netflix is the only place to see the films, while subscribers of other streaming services can watch the first film in the series. The Netflix plan you select determines the video quality and the number of screens you can utilize simultaneously. Playing mobile games and watching streaming movies and TV shows is included at no extra cost with any of their services.


Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, Eudora Holmes, Louis Partridge, Lord Tewkesbury, Adeel Akhtar, Lestrade, Susan Wokoma, Edith, and Sam Clafin are all expected to return for the third installment of the Enola Holmes franchise, scheduled for release in the fall or winter of 2024.

Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Himesh Patel may or may not appear in the third film in the Enola Holmes series, which will tell its own story apart from the novels by Nancy Springer.

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