Drops of God Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More Information

In April of 2023, Apple TV Plus debuted a new original series based on the hit manga, Drops of God. This fascinating Apple TV show can be summarized as “Succession, but with Wine.” Lots and lots of wine bottles. Camille Léger travels from Paris to Tokyo for her late father Alexandre Léger’s will reading. he was a wine magnate.

Léger’s “spiritual son,” a young oenologist named Issei Tomine, has been mentioned as a possible heir to Léger’s extensive wine collection, wealth, and business holdings, which she discovers could be hers.

Drops of God Season 2

As the pair takes part in a series of wine-tasting tests, long-buried facts and conflicts emerge. Given that it is one of Apple’s first original series to be offered in many languages (French, Japanese, and English), it is safe to assume that there is a lot more to explore beyond the first season. So, here’s the scoop on when you are likely to see Season 2 of Drops of God.

Drops of God Season 2 Release Date

If Drops of God were renewed for a second season, it wouldn’t premiere until 2024 at the earliest. On April 21, 2023, the first season of Drops of God debuted on Apple TV+. On April 21st, both of Drops of God’s pilot episodes premiered at the same time.

The first season has eight episodes, each of which runs for an hour. The season eight premiere date is set for June 2, 2023. So far, we have the following information on Season 2: Apple TV+ has been silent on the show’s future, although a renewal or cancellation should be decided by the summer of 2023 at the latest. Due to the show’s success, Apple TV+ may decide to air a second season provided certain conditions are met. If renewed soon, “Drops of God” Season 2 might return as soon as 2024.

Drops of God Storyline

Drops of God has been widely praised by both critics and audiences. Camille Léger is the protagonist of the series; she is the daughter of a wealthy wine tycoon. But once her father passes away, Camille jets off to Tokyo, where she learns she must challenge Issei Tomine. Léger considers the young oenologist Issei his “spiritual son.”

Now they compete in a series of wine-tasting challenges for the chance to inherit Alexandre Léger’s massive wine collection, money, and business empire. Secrets from the past are revealed as tensions between Camille and Issei rise as the war begins. Where will Léger’s legacy go from here?

Drops of God Season 2 Cast

In Season 2, all of your favorite characters will be back to tempt your tastebuds. It’s possible that some new characters will be introduced in Season 2. The stakes have been raised for yet another epic clash, and fans can anticipate being drawn back into this world once again. Season 2 of Drops of Gods stars:

  • Tomohisa Yamashita as Issei Tomine
  • Fleur Geffrier as Camille Leger
  • Makiko Watanabe as Tomine Honoka
  • Tomine Hirokazu as Satoshi Nikaido

Stanley Weber’s Alexandre Léger has passed on, but his legacy may live on in fascinating flashbacks. His legacy in the show will create a web of intrigue and mystery between the past and the present.

Drops of God Season 2 Plot

What happens next in Camille and Issei’s feud is expected to be the center of Drops of God Season 2.

The struggle between Camille and Issei over Léger’s wine empire and inheritance is currently the season’s primary plot. We anticipate that the current rivalry between the two, which centers on three wine-tasting-based challenges, will conclude before the end of the season. Especially when more of Camille, Issei, and Léger’s background is exposed, whoever wins will have far-reaching ramifications for each of them.

The second season can also draw on the manga’s 44 volumes of story arcs, including the hunt for the ’12 Apostle’ wines and Shizuku, the manga character on which Camille is based, journeying abroad to seek the revered ‘drops of God’ wine. Drama series writer Quoc Dang Tran has previously stated that he is more interested in capturing the “essence” of the manga than committing to a more linear adaptation. However, the wealth of material at his disposal provides ample fodder (or wine) for future seasons.

Drops of God Season 2 Trailer

Since season 1 is still showing, there is no Season 2 Drops of God trailer available at this time. In the meantime, check out the trailer for Drops of God, Season 1.

Drops of God Season 1 Rating

Critics and audiences alike have given Drops of God rave reviews. IMDb users gave the series an 8.1/10 rating. It also has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has received positive reviews and has a growing fan base.

Where to watch Drops of God Season 2?

Currently, you may watch every episode from the first season online. With Apple TV+, you don’t even have to leave your house to experience first-rate documentaries, entertaining shows, and exciting wine-themed activities. Season 1 is available now, so whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just eager about exploring this intriguing realm, now is the best moment to get caught up.

Is Drops of God worth watching?

You can only watch Drops of God on Apple TV Plus. If you have a subscription to the streaming service, you can watch the series there. Audiences have been just as enthusiastic as critics in their praise for Drops of God. Drops of God is a film worth checking out.

The plot is intriguing, the acting is excellent, and the show has a brisk pace, not to mention there’s plenty of wine tasting. The series’s obvious success may be seen in its high ratings. Viewers have also given Drops of God rave reviews. Also, it’s the first Apple TV show ever to be available in three languages (English, French, and Japanese).

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