Dragon Ball Z: Goku Super Saiyan 3 challenges Janemba in this double figure

Main antagonist of the film Dragon Ball Z: The Devilish Warrior of the Underworld, Janemba turned out to be one of the toughest opponents ever faced by the Z Warriors. Even more powerful than Super Saiyan 3, Goku and Vegeta had to resort to fusion to stop him.

The final stage of Janemba is something scary to say the least. In a few moments he manages to get rid of Goku Super Saiyan 3, wounding him in the shoulder with his Dimensional Sword, and to get rid of Vegeta. Despite the initial reluctance of the Prince, aware that they have no other possibility, the two Saiyans perform the fusion dance and they merge into the supreme being par excellence, Gogeta.

However, the event commemorated by the Dynamic Studio statue is the spectacular battle between Goku Super Saiyan 3 e Janemba. With his deadly red sword in hand, the antagonist launches into the attack of Kakarot, who responds to the attack using the immense power of Super Saiyan 3.

In reality, the statue is not a single piece, but a diorama composed of due diverse figure, one dedicated to Janemba, the other to Son Goku, sold separately. In 1/4 scale, or 59 centimeters, the single pieces are sold at a price of 499 euros. For the complete diorama, however, the cost is 699 euros for the 1/6 scale version, 38 centimeters high, and 1179 euros for the 1/4 scale version.

Whatever piece you decide to buy, it is packed with remarkable details, such as the frightening auras that surround the protagonists, the dust generated by their incredible speed, the halo on Goku’s head or the small scratches on the bodies of the fighters.

Let’s take advantage of this collector’s item to discover five secrets about Dragon Ball Z’s Super Saiyan 3. Dragon Ball’s Kame House has become accessible in the House Flipper video game.

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