Dragon Ball Super volume 15, who is hiding on the back cover? The appearance of Uub

After long years of publication, Dragon Ball Super has finished the narrative arc of Molo, officially named “The Galactic Patrol Prisoner’s Bow”. For Goku and Vegeta it was an intense battle that led them to develop new techniques or improve existing ones.

All this, after having landed monthly with the individual chapters in the V-Jump magazine, has also arrived in Japan in a tankobon version with volume 15 of Dragon Ball Super. In the covers that the readers dazzle in Japanese comics, there is also the one he sees Goku and Molo against each other.

However, as always happens, Toyotaro draws both an illustration for the dust jacket and an illustration below, thus creating two images with the same set-up. Also in this case, as happened for previous tankobons, there is a similar but at the same time different situation. As you can see below, the cover printed on the volume sees yes Molo on the right as in the dust jacket, but in bottom left are the Supreme Kaioshin and the very young Uub.

Uub was the tip of the balance in the last arc of Dragon Ball Super. His intervention made it possible for Goku to make an epochal counterattack that finally destroyed Molo. Therefore, the volume also celebrates the intervention of the future warrior.

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