Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro is recycling some elements from “AF”?

The legend of Dragon Ball “AF” is a phenomenon known on the web, an unofficial manga in which Toyotaro himself participated in the first person. It seems that the sensei has not forgotten the work that before Dragon Ball Super made him famous all over the world, just think that the master is recycling some characteristic elements.

Chapter 69 of DB Super seems to confirm the hypothesis in which the Namekians came to this universe from another world, an idea that in reality the sensei had already exploited together with Young Jiji in the mysterious non-canon sequel to GT. However, the master went a little deeper in recycling ideas since one of the buildings of Dragon Ball Heroes, that of the Realm of the Evil Dragon, originally belonged to “AF”.

Who knows, therefore, what Toyotaro is using his past experiences to enrich the imagery of Dragon Ball Super. Perhaps, some of the ideas that we have seen in the work are precisely the result of a refinement of some narrative choices imagined by the sensei in one of his previous experiences. In reality, it wouldn’t even be that strange since the author seems to have recycled some scenes from Dragon Ball Z, like some sequences with Metal Cooler, Freeza and Cell.

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In your opinion, instead, Toyotaro intends to combine all his works within the new manga sagas? Tell us your opinion about it, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box at the bottom of the page.


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