Dragon Ball Super: the first tables of chapter 62 have been leaked

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Chapter 62 of will be published on Shueisha's MangaPlus online platform on July 20 Dragon Ball Super. The latest release saw the clash between Vegeta and Moro, who – following the absorption of Android 73 – showed off a new formidable form.

Thanks to the sharing of the Twitter user DBS Chronicles, we can have a preview look at some tables of chapter 62, whose title – "Desperate Situation" – it is not a prelude to anything good for the Z Warriors.

The sequences show the continuation of the fight between the Saiyan Prince and the Devourer of Planets. Moro seems to have further increased his already considerable advantage over Vegeta, who is now in an extremely unfavorable condition.

Only Goku had managed to keep up with the wizard's power, putting him in difficulty in the first phase of their revenge; as the clash progressed, however, the enormous expenditure of energy caused by Ultra Instinct did not allow him to win, ending up beaten under the relentless blows of Moro.

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In your opinion, what will Toyotaro invent to make our protagonists triumph, following yet another Moro upgrade? Tell us yours below in the comments section.

Dragon Ball Super: Gohan takes the field against Moro in a fan-made manga. A few days ago the animated series of Dragon Ball Super celebrated the five years since its first broadcast.

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