Dragon Ball Super: the different warrior philosophies of Goku and Vegeta

In the long thirst for debate about who is really stronger between Goku and Vegeta, fueled above all by the events of Dragon Ball Super, there is a consideration that often tends to be avoided: the different philosophies of both characters. But let's try to clarify them better taking into consideration the current saga with the bow of Freeza.

Despite Vegeta came out defeated from fighting against Pier, the saiyan has however shown that it has matured deeply compared to the past, to the point of exploiting a dialogue with the sorcerer to clarify its differences with his bitter rival, Goku.

The iconic protagonist, in fact, during the battle against Freezer on Namecc clarified his intentions, namely to destroy the opponent to maximum of its powers to crush its pride, to the point of generating fear and making fun of the evil Emperor's wickedness. Goku himself also felt stubbornly arrogant, intimating the enemy at first to simply return to training (as he actually will) and, subsequently, sparing his life in a gesture of spartan greed. In neither case, even when the saiyan arrives near death during the duel, will he fight to kill his opponent. And this is even more interesting in common with another point, since in the continuation of the story Goku's opinion will change greatly in the Cell saga, when aware of the mistake made with Freeza, he will almost intimidate the same son to eliminate Doctor Frost's monster.

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Vegeta, on the contrary, has always remained aware of own identity of villain. A man who, despite having eliminated dozens if not hundreds of human beings, has already accepted his destiny by stopping de facto changing it. Not even against Molo, after having absorbed a large part of his powers, did he question his identity by not taking any scruples in preparing to kill the sorcerer. Two different philosophies that, in the course of history, have come to align and resemble each other more and more, albeit without ever overlapping in full.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of these two different philosophies? Tell us yours with a comment below.


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