Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The fans loved the last season of Dragon Ball Super, there’s no doubt about that. Passionate fans have broken the series’ record in the anime business. They can’t wait for their second renewal to be finished successfully.

Dragon Ball Super was written by the same person who made Toyotarou, Akira Toriyama. A popular Japanese animation, it’s indeed full of action, fantasy, as well as martial arts.

Toei Animation brings you this same Dragon Ball Super studio coverage. The show’s first season has 131 episodes, and it is based on a manga series. despite being the longest part, it is the one that anime fans praise the most.

Dragon Ball Super had also given us more of what Akira Toriyama does finest over the five-part sagas and now 2 anime movies. There are a lot of crazy battle scenes in which fighters teleport around and throw energy beams into the air. Sometimes one of the anime characters receives angry as well as their hair turns a different color.

We’ve been waiting to begin the next saga of an anime series since Dragon Ball Super: Broly. We’ve all been waiting a long time, and we all want to know when Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will come out. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been released to help pass the time, but that’s not enough.

We want the whole season! We’ve used with us Dragon Radar to look for information on the internet. Keep reading to find out if we’ve found Shenron.

The fans loved the last spring of Dragon Ball Super, there’s no doubt about that. This anime series breaks the record for how much fans love it as part of the anime industry. They can’t wait for the happy ending of their second renewal.

Akira Toriyama wrote the story for Dragon Ball Super, which was made by Toyotarou. As a popular Japanese cartoon, it has a lot of action, fantasy, as well as martial arts. The studio protection of Dragon Ball Super is put together by Toei Animation.

The first season has 131 episodes and is based on a manga series. Even though it is the longest scene in the anime category, the audience likes it the most. The whole story is about how Goku and Vegeta travel through time to get from one place to another in the universe.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

Unofficial sources on Twitter say that the first episode of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will come out in April 2023. This is after the DBS hero movie comes out. About 60 episodes will be in season 2 of DBS, which is slightly fewer than the first season.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cast

Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super has the same cast as season 1. Here are the people who sing and what characters they play:

  • Sean Schemmel has voiced Goku.
  • Christopher R. Sabat has voiced Vegeta.
  • Jason Douglas has voiced Beerus.
  • Ian Sinclair has voiced Whis.
  • Sonny Strait has voiced Krillin.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Rating

Dragonball: The first three seasons were 9 out of 10, and the last two were 10 out of 10. Dragon Ball GT gets a 6.5/7 from me overall, but the last 10 episodes get an 8/10. So far, I’d give Dragon Ball Super an 8.5 out of 10 for what I’ve seen, but that could change when I’ve shown the rest.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Trailer

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Plot

The story revolves around the arcs in season 1 called “Tournament of Power.” After that, Moro gets his powers back in season 2, which makes him stronger. So, seeing how Goku, as well as Vegeta, strike back is so crazy exciting. Vegeta might tell people more about King Vegeta of Universe 7.

Just like in season 1, Goku as well as his friends are finally happy and healthy again. But when their new enemies show up, their lives get messed up again. In season 2, it’s interesting to see how they try to beat Beerus, a new enemy.

We don’t know for sure what will happen in Dragon Ball Super season 2, but we can guess based on SuperHero. It’s clear that Pan, Gohan’s daughter, is going to be among the main characters in the family movie. I won’t tell you how it ends, though.

Goten and Trunks both are prepared for training again with Gohan as well as Piccolo, and we also have some new heroes. The next development of Z Combatants seems to be ready to go. Broly and Beerus are going to train with Goku and Vegeta at the same time.

All we need to do is find out which bad guy will show up to see how strong everyone is. Frieza, Broly, and Beerus have left the room. We’ll have to watch to see what happens to our favorite Dragon Ball Z characters.

Well, we bring this up because of what will happen in Dragon Ball Super Season 2. The story will be about a certain prisoner. It’s called Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, and it’s about a wizard who is a prisoner. His name is Moro. When Moro’s seal is broken, he acts like a wild animal.

Granola the Survivor Arc is a story that comes after the story of Moro, this same wizard. The storylines for both Moro and Granolah are part of a single saga. If everything goes well, it should take 50–60 episodes for the Dragon Ball Super anime to catch up to the manga.

The manga says that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 would then start with Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, so it seems unlikely that the studio will go in a different direction. In this part of the manga, Goku and Vegeta fight against Moro, a strong wizard who wants to eat planets to get stronger.

In the Granola this same Survivor Saga, the Saiyans face off against a tough bounty hunter who wants to get even. These two sagas cover the manga from the beginning to the very end.

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