Dragon Ball Super: Beerus reveals what Vegeta will have to do to match Goku

The manga of Dragon Ball Super is slowly making its way into Survivor Granolah Saga, a story arc that built its foundation on the previous battle against the wizard Molo. Now that Goku is in control of Ultra Perfect Instinct, Vegeta will have to find a new path to match his rival.

While Goku trains with Whis to improve his mastery in Ultra Instinct, aware of not being able to reach that state, Vegeta worries about how to reach his rival. Beerus comes to the aid of the Saiyan Prince, who proposing himself as his teacher reveals that there is an alternative way to Ultra Instinct, or the techniques of the Gods of Destruction.

Chapter 69 sees Beerus explaining to his new pupil the necessary mentality to start learning its destructive techniques. Just as Goku had to reach a state of mind of total serenity, Vegeta instead will have to free himself from all external thoughts and focus solely on destruction.

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To do this, Beerus begins to question the certainties of the prince, or the past of the Saiyan race. The God of Destruction suggests him to get rid of guilt for the destruction of his homeworld and for his subjects, as well as for the destruction that the Saiyans brought to the universe due to Freeza’s commands.

To learn Hakai, therefore, Vegeta needs “destroy” his thoughts and to recreate himself from scratch. Will he be able to put aside Saiyan pride? The different matures of Goku and Vegeta; here is the fate of the Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super. Granolah beats Goku and Broly in this Dragon Ball Super fanart.


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