Dragon Ball: Lunch suffers from dissociative identity disorder

The epic of Dragon Ball, in its long serialization, has proposed numerous characters who ended up disappearing progressively despite their potential. Furthermore, for some of them Akira Toriyama himself had imagined particularly exuberant personalities.

If some characters have gradually disappeared, others have continued to participate in the narration despite the original plans, just like Kulilin, who over time has become a sort of mascot and symbol of the franchise. Lunch, or also known in Italy with the name of Laura, is a girl saved in the first saga by Kulilin and Goku himself, and is characterized by a particular disorder triggered by the sneeze, or the dissociative identity disorder, also called multiple personality disorder.

Usually, it occurs in reaction to a plot to defend the person from their own memories. The new identity tends to have fewer limits and be more courageous, as both personalities are unaware of each other's story. The exchange can be sudden or triggered by a specific action, in the case of Lunch, in fact, by the sneeze. Akira ToriyamaHe also never told the girl's past, which is why she is impossible to identify which of the two is his true personality.

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The bad part, in Japanese, is nicknamed "kyobo", a term that describes that state of agitation and violence caused by alcohol. In short, it is a rough person who thinks only of himself. And you, instead, what do you think of Lunch, do you like it as a character? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below. But speaking of Dragon Ball, did you know that Toriyama is a fan of Italian cars?


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