Dragon Ball: Goku imitation of comedian Jay Pharoah is hilarious

Let’s face it, when we were younger we all tried to unleash an energy wave, to transform into Super Saiyan or more simply to imitate the voices of our favorite Dragon Ball protagonists. This is what Jay Pharoah did.

On his Twitter account, Jared Farrow, better known as Jay Pharoah, coined his own very personal interpretation of Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo. The American comedian and imitator traveled between the various sagas of the franchise to reinterpret the three protagonists.

The result, especially that of Goku, is exciting. Every sentence and every word spoken by Pharoah seems to come directly from the various Dragon Ball animated series. During the short clip, the comedian swap the voices of the characters without any problem, managing the different shades in a spectacular way. The final gem of the video posted by Pharoah is hilarious: after Jiren’s defeat in the Tournament of Power, Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo promise to look for new villains to face. After the Molo arc, the future of Dragon Ball Super is uncertain.

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Pharoah’s Tweet went viral and deserved a replica also from the real voice of Goku. Sean Schemmel responded to the video stating: “Now I will work on the Jay Pharoah imitation”. Will the official voice actors of Vegeta and Piccolo also intervene in this funny curtain? Waiting for more implications, let’s enjoy this wonderful Dragon Ball Super fanart.


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