DOOM Eternal: id Software reveals images and background on weapon development

directly from the development studios of id Software, the creators of Doom Eternal wanted to share a series of unpublished images dedicated to the iconic weapons used in the game with tasty comments and background.

Heavy cannon

Colin Geller: The heavy cannon development process was an exciting challenge. Creating an original and unique human weapon took a lot of work. In the end, though, I think our efforts paid off, and that the weapon offers a very interesting contrast to the more alien ones.

Rocket launcher

Colin Geller: This was the first weapon I had the opportunity to design for DOOM Eternal. It was an exciting job, as it was an opportunity to infuse a new style into this very classic weapon. In terms of both form and function, we wanted to move away from the concept of another “tube-shaped object that makes BOOM”.


Bryan Flynn: For this weapon, the goal was to maintain the heavily industrial look of the 2016 version of the machine gun while adding “over the top” sci-fi elements. I accomplished this by integrating more organic forms of solid surfaces and adding energy lights around the barrel and ammo belt. I wanted this weapon to light up like a Christmas tree when fired.


Bryan Flynn: My job in this case was to adapt the BFG to the first person view while keeping the old base intact. For this new update I was inspired by engines and motorcycles. I dared enough, in terms of design, by including organic shapes of solid surfaces and emphasizing animations inspired by the movement of the pistons / cylinders.

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Jon Lane: As John Carmack put it, DOOM essentially means “shotguns and demons”. The original DOOM made the use of shotguns and shotguns iconic in the archetypal arsenal of first-person shooters. Even today, it is not unusual to see the original DOOM II brace appear in the top ten weapons of the best video games ever. In designing the shotgun for DOOM Eternal, I also had to take due account of legitimate reverence and respect for tradition.


Jon Lane: In DOOM Eternal, the shotgun serves primarily as a modern tactical complement to the less conventional weapons found in the game. Designed to counterbalance the most ancient and brutal shotgun, the shotgun stands out for its futuristic-military aesthetic, with a particular emphasis on functionality.

Plasma Rifle

Jon Lane: DOOM Eternal’s Plasma Rifle is conceived as a tribute to the original that first appeared in the 1993 game. During development, I drew on the original sprites created by id Software founder Kevin Cloud, as well as his own reference materials. Although he made several cosmetic changes to modernize the classic design, the new version of the weapon was created to be instantly recognizable by longtime fans of the series.


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