Descendants Of The Sun Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

Based on romance, melodrama, and action, “Descendants of the Sun” has become one of South Korea’s most popular drama series. Initially, three more special episodes relayed the greatest parts from the episodes concerning BTS, i.e., behind the scenes, cast members, and much more! It aired on KBS2 from February 24 to April 14, 2016, with 16 episodes. In South Korea, where it premiered, the drama drew a record-breaking 38.8 percent of viewers.

KBS Drama Production conceived the show, and Kim Eun-Sook and Kim Won-Seok wrote the script and directed the first episodes with Lee Eung-Bok and Baek Sang-Hoon. The Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation has announced that “Descendants of the Sun” is the Most Widely held K-Drama of the year. It won multiple honors, including the Grand Prize in television. The release date for Descendants of the Sun Season 2 and other information can be found here in this article.

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Renewal Status

The producers of Descendants of the Sun have not yet confirmed whether or not the show will return for a second season. Fans could soon receive some good news, though, since Season 2 is reportedly already in production.

The K-drama Descendants of the Sun was so well-liked that it won multiple accolades, including the highly coveted Grand Prize for Television. Seven years after the premiere of the first season, fans of the romance drama are still looking for answers. The ability of this great series to seamlessly combine several genres sets it apart from the competition.

The fact that Descendants of the Sun, the only Korean drama in the Top 10 most-watched shows, has not been formally renewed for a second season is surprising, given the show’s enormous popularity. From what we’ve heard, though, the forthcoming second season of Descendants of the Sun will feature some fascinating new twists and turns, which is why fans are so excited. We’re keeping our digits crossed!

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Release Date

On February 24, 2016, the first season premiere of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ aired on KBS2 in Korea. The series finale aired on April 14, 2016, after 16 episodes. The show’s success after its debut led to its airing in multiple nations. The series is currently streaming on Netflix for American viewers.

There have been numerous rumors since the show’s conclusion that the series may return. Nonetheless, among the speculation is the report that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo may not be featured prominently. Moreover, it has been said that production for the second season has already begun. KBS’s Head of Drama, Jung Sung-ho, has confirmed that a “sequel is in planning, and filming would likely take place in Greece.” The new season was expected to premiere in 2017. After nearly three years, however, no formal declaration regarding a specific timetable has been made. The most optimistic release date prediction for ‘Descendants of the Sun Season 2 would be sometime in 2023.

Descendants of the Sun Storyline

The primary part of this series’ success is the plot of the descendants of the sun. Captain Yoo Shi Jin, a police officer, falls for Doctor Kang Me Yeon, a surgeon at a Seoul hospital in this comedy-action drama series. Despite the perilous circumstances of life in war-torn Urk, it is during this time that they come to know and appreciate each other as lovers.

Descendants of the Sun Cast and characters

  • Song Joong-ki as Captain Yoo Si-jin: The Captain and leader of Alpha Team, a fictional elite special forces team of the 707th Special Mission Battalion in South Korea.
  • Song Hye-kyo as Doctor Kang Mo-yeon: A cardiothoracic surgeon who works at Haesung Hospital.
  • Jin Goo as Master Sergeant Seo Dae-young (a.k.a. Wolf): As the most senior non-commissioned officer in Alpha Team and Si-jin’s right-hand man and best friend
  • Kim Ji-won as First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju: An army doctor who is also the daughter of Lieutenant General Yoon, commander of the South Korean Special Forces Brigade.
  • Park Hoon as First Sergeant Choi Woo-geun (a.k.a. Snoopy)
  • Choi Woong as Staff Sergeant Gong Cheol-ho (a.k.a. Harry Potter)
  • Onew as Lee Chi-hoon (1st year resident of Thoracic Surgery a.k.a. Handsome Spaceman)
  • Lee Seung-joon as Song Sang-hyun (General Surgeon)
  • Seo Jeong-yeon as Ha Ja-ae (ER Senior Nurse) (a.k.a. Miss B)
  • Park Hwan-hee as Choi Min-ji (ER Nurse)
  • Hyun Jyu-ni as Pyo Ji-soo (Pathology Specialist)
  • Tae In-ho as Han Suk-won (Chairman of Haesung Hospital)
  • Park Ah-in as Kim Eun-ji (Thoracic Surgery Specialist)
  • Jo Woo-ri as Jang Hee-eun (1st Year Resident of Anesthesiology) (wife of Dr. Lee Chi-hoon)
  • Kang Shin-il as Lieutenant General Yoon Gil-joon (a.k.a. Yellow Tiger) (Myung-ju’s father)
  • Kim Byung-chul as Lieutenant Colonel (later promoted to Colonel) Park Byung-soo

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Plot

‘Descendants of the Sun’ follows the adventures of Si-Jin, leader of the Alpha Team special forces, as he and Sergeant Major Dae-Young apprehend a motorcycle thief. As a result of the chaos, though, the thief sustains some minor injuries and must check himself into a hospital. Dae-Young and Si-Jin went back to the robbery scene after Dae-Young noticed his phone had stayed behind. Si-Jin meets Dr. Mo-Yeon in the emergency room, and for no reason at all (since there are none), he falls in love with her because of her purity, uniqueness, affection, and much more.

The captain’s commitment to the armed forces prevented him from spending time with her, and eventually, the two drifted apart. Despite the many challenges they encountered in their pursuit of love, they eventually found each other again and began dating.

Overall, the story is about how the two spouses overcome their differences and go on to live fulfilling lives once the difficult times have passed. From the previous season, we can guess that the love story remains to carry on with a lifelong adventure, and they had to face many new obstacles together, so fans are now waiting for the next season’s tale, which we can predict by watching the teaser.

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Trailer

While we wait for news on ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Season 2, enjoy the official trailer for the first season down below. Get on Netflix and watch every episode of this highly acclaimed Korean drama now!

Descendants of the Sun Rating

Everyone has a soft spot for Descendants of the Sun. The ratings and reviews for the show reflect the positive reception it has received from both viewers and critics. Descendants of the Sun is a fantastic comedy series with a lot to offer its viewers. Both Viki Rakuten and IMDb give this series high marks, 8.6 and 9.8 respectively.

Where to watch Descendants of the Sun?

You can watch the smash blockbuster drama whenever you like on services including Netflix, WeTV, Viki, Apple TV, and Hulu. It has over 40 subtitles and may be found on Viki. The star-studded cast ensures that the drama is a smashing success and an absolute must-watch. You can watch the show whenever you like by tuning into any of your preferred networks.

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