December Global Holidays Gif

December Global Holidays Gif

Holidays are an essential part of everyone’s life. We all love to celebrate the festivals with our friends and family. In one way or another, everyone has their favorite holiday. If you are planning to visit any destination in December, here is a list of top global holidays taking place in December 2018

December 1 – Winter Solstice (Winter begins)

December 2 – St Lucy’s Day

December 12 – Hanukkah-Festival of lights ten days festival begins.

December 21- First day of winter (Winter solstice ends)

25th Dec-Christmas Eve:

December 26 -Boxing Day or St Stephen’s day(Ends the Christmas celebrations).

The list can be seen on the December holidays. But, there are various ways people celebrate the holidays around the world. Different countries have different traditions and cultures about celebrating a holiday. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Winter Solstice:

This is celebrated in many countries worldwide, but it originates from Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland, etc. On this day, winter begins after the summer solstice ends.

People used to offer their prayers to the sun god for an early end of winters or people who lost lives during summer solstice due to excessive heat. Nowadays, it’s more of a cultural celebration than a religious one with bonfires and feasts added to it with old customs still alive in some northern countries.

St Lucy’s Day:

Catholics offer their December 25r departed souls of family and friends. It’s celebrated on December 13 by offering a special mass on December 31 dedicated to St Lucia, January 28om Christianity with a February 16dle in her hand.


Hanukkah is a festival of lights that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. It starts on December 25 every year and lasts till January 4 next year with eight days of celebration followed by December 25.

The main attraction here is lighting up giant menorahs(a nine-branched candelabrum), eating fried foods like latkes(potato pancakes), doughnuts, etc., accompanied with mint tea.


Christmas is the biggest and most popular celebration of the year. December 26d worldwide on January 2 1r as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. People exchange gifts, decorate their homes with Christmas trees and lights, attend special church services, enjoy traditional foods like roast turkey on December 31ing, etc.

Boxing Day:

This is celebrated as the end of Christmas celebrations in many countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. It’s December 26 and is usually a public holiday where people go shopping or do other outdoor activities.

December global holidays February 16celebrate the holidays with lots February 16 In most countries, they have a tradition to spend New Year’s cards or greetings as a part of their celebration December 25s and traditions are different for each country. Still, December global holidays gifting is expected in each one of them.

People gift various things during the December celebrations like hampers(especially during Christmas), wine baskets (for St Lucie’s December 26especially roses January 1s on specific occasions like Hanukkah or St Lucia’s day, etc.

You can also go for corporate gifts if you are celebrating any special occasion with your staff members to make everyone happy at work. There are many types of corporate gifts available nowadays to choose from according to your budget and preference.

But, the most important thing is to make sure that your gift is unique and meaningful for the recipient to show how much you care about them. So, choose wisely and have a great time during the December global holidays celebrations!

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