Deca-Dence: the anime from the director of Mob Spycho 100 is shown in a rich trailer

Through the official website dedicated to Deca-Dence, a new original animated series that materialized thanks to the work of Yuzuru Tachikawa – director of the highly appreciated Mob Spycho 100, a new promotional video has been unveiled, linked to the much talked about production, which was then followed by various additional information.

Going into more detail, the video allows you to get in touch with some of the characters and events that will be the background to the events narrated episode by episode, with some spectacular clashes to season it all. Together with the trailer, a short video preview has also been released which you can view by clicking on the source of this news, interesting more in-depth looks at the series which were followed by the announcement of the release date of production on the Japanese territory, that is on July 8 2020.

The occasion was also used to reveal some new voice actors added to the cast presented so far. Below you can read the names that have been confirmed:

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  • Eiji Takeuchi as Fennel
  • Mei Shibata as Fei
  • Yoshino Aoyama as Linmei
  • You were Kitamura as Kurenai
  • Kohsuke Toriumi as Minato

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that in the last few weeks a first trailer dedicated to Deca-Dence had already been published. Also, in case you are interested, J-Pop has recently unveiled eight new titles coming out in the coming months


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