DC Comics, A superhero got richer than Batman: let’s find out who he is

After the latest news of DC Comics superheroes, we point out a curiosity revealed in the pages of the comic dedicated to Nightwing in which we talk about how a character managed to become richer than Bruce Wayne.

In volume 78 of the series written and drawn by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo we were able to witness an interesting novelty in the life of Dick Grayson: Barbara Gordon warns Nightwing that Alfred, Batman’s butler, is dead and has decided to leave all his wealth to him. Dick Grayson, along with all fans of DC stories, was amazed to find out how rich Alfred actually was as his employer. Faced with Dick’s comment, who wonders why a billionaire had decided to become a butler and to pass the time preparing his meals or washing his clothes, Barbara replies: “For the same reason a billionaire decided to fight Gotham City crime, that’s what he wanted to do“.

What do you think of this development for Nightwing? Let us know with a comment on the news, in the meantime here is the identity of the new leader of a group of DC Comics superheroes: we refer to the Suicide Squad.

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