Dark Tourist Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Dark Tourist Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The second season for the television show “Dark Tourist” will soon premiere. A travel documentary, that is. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you write about travel or like watching programmes and films on travel.

Put this concert on your list of must-sees because it is really essential. The host takes us on excursions while also demonstrating the various customs practised in each location.

The Tourist’s second season will begin filming in April, but viewers may anticipate a significant shift.

Elliot and Helen, played by Jamie Dornan and Danielle Macdonald, will make their way to Ireland united one year after their journey in the Australian Outback.

The Tourist writers Jack brothers Harry Williams will pen six new episodes, which will be filmed in Dublin, Ireland. The tale follows amnesic Elliot as he returns to his hometown in an attempt to rediscover his origins.

But before long, he and Helen are sucked into the perilous vortex of his old existence. Helen is forced to piece together a broader mystery as Elliot battles his inner problems, causing them both to face both familiar and new enemies.

“I’m incredibly excited to carry on the story with the Tourist,” said Dornan. “I can’t wait for viewers to see the way Ireland and its characters are used to keep them guessing throughout the tale progresses. Harry and Jack Williams are brilliant writers.”

“I’m so excited to team together with Jamie over and over return for a wild adventure alongside an amazing cast and crew,” Danielle Macdonald said. It’s fascinating to watch what the Williams brothers’ creative imaginations will conjure up next since they are both excellent storytellers.

We really hoped that Jamie Dornan’s most recent series would get a second season since it was quite twistier and more compelling than the ordinary BBC thriller. And it has now!

We were obviously not the only ones who want more. The BBC announced that The Tourist drove iPlayer to its greatest holiday day ever over 22 million streams throughout the service at the beginning of 2022. The BBC set a new record with it.

Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s Chief Content Officer, stated in March that there will be other adventures for us to participate in.

Twelve million viewers watched The Tourist in its first 30 days, which is twice the number who watched the most popular Netflix programme at the time, Stay Close. “More than we may realise, the BBC has the ability to reach millions of people.”

Dark Tourist Season 2 Release Date

On July 20, 2018, the first episode of Dark Tourist was made available. The whole television show is a travel documentary. David Farrier presents and narrates this case study on the phenomena of dark tourism.

The documentary was written by Paul Horan and David Farrier. The production firms are Razor Films and Fumes, and executive producers Matthew Neal, Mark McNeil, and David Farrier are involved.

The first season on the show consists of eight episodes, each of which lasts around 50 minutes. The eight episodes depict David Farrier’s travel experiences.

On July 20, 2018, all eight episodes have been submitted available. The audience’s interest was piqued by the thrilling trip.

People began to ask regarding Dark Tourist Season 2 soon after the premiere of Season 1. But regrettably, the writers provided no indications about Dark Tourist Season 2.

Dark Tourist Season 2 has not received any official updates in the four years after the premiere of season 1.

No updates have been provided by the creators, not even one addressing the second season. However, there are suggestions that the series won’t make a reappearance. Even so, we’ll let you know if there are any changes on Dark Tourist Season 2.

Dark Tourist Season 2 Cast

  • Colin Rothbart as the director
  • Paul Horan as the writer
  • David Farrier as the host 
  • Polly Fryer as the Producer

Dark Tourist Season 2 Trailer

Dark Tourist Season 2 Plot

David Ferrier’s first stop is Medellin, and he researches and learns about Pablo Escobar’s legacy. Later, he and Popeye, Escobar’s former hitman, visit La Catedral.

After that, he goes on an exploration of Mexico City where he runs upon adherents of Santa Muerte and sees an exorcism. The journey to Tomioka, in which he anticipates more radiation, then begins.

He then departs for Japan and arrives on Hiroshima Island. In Milwaukee, he travels about the city with the mysterious traveller Natalie.

David travels to Kazakhstan with fellow dark traveller Andy, and the two of them go to Kurchatov. They go to the Semipalatinsk Test Site, which served as the main facility for testing nuclear bombs for the Soviet Union.

He also makes a trip to Baikonur, where the Soviet Union’s space project is located, from Kazakhstan. Then he travels to Ashgabat, the Turkmen capital. He further participated in the 2017 Asian Indoor sports Martial Arts Games.

Additionally, he participates in the largest globe War II reenactment in the globe. After that experience, he goes to England and explores a contentious museum that has a Fred and Rose West display and a Nazi-era light that is said to be made from human flesh.

After that, he takes a flight to Indonesia where he meets a Toraja man who’s been’resting’ for two years and takes part in the Ma’nene burial ceremony. He gains greater knowledge about Voodoo and conducts a ceremonial ceremony for the deity Thorn in Ouidah, Benin.

He examines Alexandra township in Johannesburg later to learn exactly how deadly such townships are. He first encounters a small group armed Afrikaner nationalists in South Africa, then travels farther north to Randfontein where he encounters the Suidlander survivalists.

After seeing these locations, he travels back to the United States and lands in Los Angeles. There he encounters a buddy of Manson and is aware of the killings committed by the Manson family.

He takes a plane to Kentucky where he sees an exact reproduction of Noah’s Ark. His last visit is a haunted home in McKamey Manor in Tennessee. He completes his adventure with this, and the initial season finishes.

The travel itself was fairly intriguing. Visiting the locations was enjoyable, but beyond that, he learned a lot about each location’s culture and way of life.

Every location he travels to will teach us a great deal about its culture and customs. Well, Dark Tourist Season 2 would definitely be worth seeing if the creators returned.

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