Dark Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast And More Details

Dark season 3


A thriller series of Netflix that gained popularity as soon as it hit the screens is Dark Season. With successful two seasons being aired already, the fans have desperately been waiting for the launch of its following season. The series is based in a small German town where two kids went missing and the story thereafter reveals many hidden secrets of people and the families.

Release date

The view has been looking for more of the series every time because the story almost makes them glue to their seats to check what is next? After the first season, fans had to wait for almost a year to watch the next one. We were expecting season 3 to be released by the mid of 2020 but due to COVID -19 pandemic, the delay in its release date is expected too. Let’s hope for things to get better soon so that we can be a part of the new season of our favorite show.


Actors from season 3 are expected to be a part of the following season too. The lead actors are Jordis Triebel, Louis Hoffman, Lisa, Mark Vaschake, and Lea Van. The popularity of the show and the fact that each actor in the previous series has done justice to their roles would have always wanted the makers to bring the cast back and this is what they have done.


The storyline is going to be a continuation of the previous season with more twists and surprises. Let’s tighten our seats belts to witness one of the most thrilling and exciting seasons of our favorite series and be a part of history. Makers will keep in mind the expectations that the viewers seasons from the previous season and they know fans will not settle for anything less.


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