December Global Holidays Youtube Videos

December Global Holidays Youtube Videos

Let’s learn about the December global holidays. These are very important because they are related to different cultures, traditions, and religions.

12/1: National day of Giving Thanks in the United States

12/2: World AIDS Day is observed worldwide by those who seek an end to the pandemic and provide care and support for those living with HIV.

12/3:  National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day was observed to remember those killed or wounded on December 7, 1941. This includes both military personnel and civilians. The attack was a massive blow against the U.S. Navy. All Americans should observe this day with ceremonies at naval stations and other places throughout the nation where people were affected by the attack.

12/4: Saint Barbara’s feast day is a Christian saint’s day celebrated in honor of Saint Barbara. She is the patron saint of artillerymen, architects, builders, military engineers, and miners. Her feast day is December 4.

12/5: International Volunteer Day recognizing the efforts of volunteers around the world. The United Nations Volunteers program leads this day each year with different activities to promote volunteerism.

December global holidays lyrics and chords:

Now that we have learned about the December global holidays let’s look at the lyrics and chords to a song about them.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a cumulative song, meaning that each verse is built on top of the previous verses. It begins with a partridge in a pear tree and then two turtle doves, 3 French hens, four calling birds, five gold rings, six geese-a-laying, seven swans-a-swimming, eight maids-a-milking, nine ladies dancing (or men dancing), ten lords-a-leaping (or dudes wearing tights jumping around), 11 pipers piping (musicians playing bagpipes or clarinets), 12 drummers drumming (drummers making loud noises)

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