Cruella 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Even though the Disney film was a smashing success, fans are still holding out hope for any news about Cruella de Vil 2. Cruella, directed by Craig Gillespie and featuring Emma Stone as Estella (also known as Cruella de Vil), does double duty as both the prequel to the 101 Dalmatians villain and the first installment of a new live-action series. The film paves the way for a slew of possible continuations, such as a remake of 101 Dalmatians and a direct sequel.

Cruella 2

Cruella de Vil tells the story of Estella, a young orphan who loved fur but hated Dalmatians as a result of a horrible event she had as a youngster, and how she became a master criminal and black-and-white fashion symbol in the late 1970s.

This short explores Cruella de Vil’s origins, shows how Estella became Cruella de Vil in a Joker-like fashion, and then abruptly ends, setting the stage for the following part. There are a lot of potential paths for the series, but Cruella 2 will formally pick up where the original film left off. All the Cruella de Vil updates up to this point are here.

Cruella 2 Release Date

The release date of Cruella de Vil 2 may be in the year 2025. Deadline revealed shortly after the original film’s May 18, 2021, release that Disney is working on a sequel starring Emma Stone, Tony McNamara, and Craig Gillespie. Things have been mostly calm ever since.

Nadia Stacey, a makeup artist, announced the sequel’s draft in 2022 at the Oscars. The project is still in the pre-production phase even though it is 2023. Cruella likely won’t start production until 2024, given the continuing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

There are plenty of openings for Disney to fill in 2025, so we may probably anticipate a release that year. Given that Disney often releases its live-action remakes on May 23, 2025, as was the case with the previous picture, Cruella 2 might follow suit. If the strikes persist, however, Cruella 2 could not come until much later.

Cruella 2 Cast

Emma Stone’s return as the eponymous villain should come as no surprise, given that a Cruella de Vil film would be incomplete without her. According to Deadline, Stone officially joined the sequel in August 2021. Now that our major star has returned, we can all finally relax.

However, no more announcements about the cast have been made, save for Stone’s role as Cruella. Even while Disney is remaining mum for the time being, we do have some thoughts regarding returning faces. We anticipate the return of Horace, played by Paul Walter Hauser, and Jasper, played by Joel Fry.

Here is the anticipated cast list for Cruella 2:

  • Emma Stone as Cruella
  • Joel Fry as Jasper
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Anita Darling
  • Paul Walter Hauser as Horace
  • Emma Thompson as the Baroness

Cruella 2 Director

When “Cruella 2” does arrive in theaters, it will be from the same talented group who brought you the smash hit original. In other words, Craig Gillespie, who directed the original film, is back in the director’s chair. Along with “Cruella,” Gillespie’s impressive filmography includes indie comedies “Lars and the Real Girl,” horror film remakes “Fright Night,” and true crime thrillers “The Finest Hours.”

Cruella 2 Plot

The original plan was for the 2021 film to serve as Cruella’s backstory. Cruella 2 tells the story of how Estella, an orphan, became Cruella de Vil and replaced Baroness von Hellman as a famous fashion designer; nevertheless, the villain is only just beginning her rise to power in the film. Now that Cruella de Vil may continue her life as a renowned criminal, it can also depict her dominating the fashion industry.

The second Cruella de Vil film could either reimagine 101 Dalmatians from Cruella’s point of view or expand upon the plot points of the original film by introducing new characters and setting the stage for Cruella and her henchmen to further solidify de Vil’s infatuation with Dalmatians, which isn’t quite intense enough to justify the events of 101 Dalmatians.

Cruella 2 might incorporate elements of a prequel and a sequel, jumping back and forth between the Baroness’s origin story and Cruella’s new adventure, as Emma Stone and Emma Thompson have proposed. This would be reminiscent of The Godfather Part II.

If this were to happen, Emma Stone could reimagine the role, and Glenn Close could reprise her renowned role from Disney films from the early 2000s. After considering these alternatives, it’s probable that Disney will make some changes to the 101 Dalmatians canon to make room for new storylines.

Cruella 2 Trailer

The Cruella de Vil 2 trailer has not been released yet, so I apologize to all of you. Additionally, we are not anticipating any hint of our beloved villain’s return until the year 2025.

Due to the ongoing development of the screenplay, production of the sequel is now out of the question (as stated before). As you can expect, the news has also saddened us. Fortunately, we’ve included the first film’s trailer below so you may all see it. If you’d rather not wait, you can peruse our ranking of the greatest Disney princesses.

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