Crazy About Her Spanish Movie Download

Crazy About Her

Crazy About Her Spanish Movie Download.

A Netlfix Movie, Crazy About Her, is a Spanish Romantic Comedy movie. In the Spanish language, the title is Loco Por Ella. It includes a romance with comedy.

The film Crazy About Her was released on 26th February 2021 on the OTT platform Netflix. The length of the film Crazy About Her is 102 minutes.

It was first released in Spain and in the Spanish language. Maybe the English version of the film is available on Netflix. We do not know any information related to the English version of the film Crazy About Her. If we get any, we will update it here.

Let’s watch the wonderful trailer of the film Crazy About Her.

The cast of the Netflix film Crazy About Her includes Alvaro Cervantes as Adri, Susana Abaitua as Carla, Luis Zahera as Saul, Aixa Villagran as Marta, Txell Aixendri as Tina, Nil Cardoner as Victor, Eduardo Antuna as Sergio, Paula Malia as Laura, Clara Segura as Psychiatric Center Director, Maria Ribera as Nurse Rosa, Francesc Ferrer as Nurse Receptionist, Aaron Porras as Marc, Mirela Portas as Saul’s ex, Eduard Gibert as Stepfather, Iris Valles Torres as Sara, Rocio Leon as Ana, Kike Garcia as Luis, Mike Foucan Pamphile as Omar, the groom, and Adeline Flaun as Alika the bride.

We have mentioned the full cast of the film Crazy About Her above. From that, the main roles in the film include Alvaro Cervantes and Susana Abaitua.

Crazy About Her was directed by Dani de la Orden, and produced by Toni Carrizosa, Alberto Aranda, Kike Maillo, and Bernat Saumell. It was written by Natalia Duran and Eric Navarro.

Julio de la Rosa gave the music in the film Crazy About Her. Daniel Aranyo did the cinematography of the film. Oriol Perez and Elena Ruiz edited the film.

Crazy About Her was made under three production companies: Playtime Movies, Sabado Peliculas, and Loco Por Ti la Pelicula. The OTT platform Netflix distributed it.

The film Crazy About Her includes dark comedies. The film rated 6.6 out of 10 on IMDB. The original title of the film Crazy About Her is Loco Por Ella. In the film, there is a magical night; after that night, the main story begins.

The lead character Adri changed himself into a strange and psychiatric institution. He takes place where Carla lives.

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