Coronavirus, the appeal of the author of Dylan Dog: "Let's stay at home!"

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"Each of us must do its part", this is the message that Tiziano Sclavi, writer of Dylan Dog, tried to target their fans. Italy is currently in a very delicate phase and in a similar context, the author of one of the most iconic characters in the Italian comics scene certainly could not stand idle.

"First of all I apologize but I can't speak in public, I struggle to appear on video or audio but it seemed right to make an exception given the emergency situation"Sclavi said in the first few seconds of the video found at the top of the article,"I would like to thank all the health workers, doctors and nurses who lost their lives. For the rest I am at home, and I think you should stay at home too! We must all do our part, and remember that we may also be infected with asymptomatics!".

The author's message is very clear: stay home to do your part. In the last seconds of the clip, a special board prepared to combat disinformation was also shown, also visible at the bottom. The cartoons, scripted by Sclavi himself and designed by Sergio Gerasi, show Dylan Dog while intimating readers to remain within the home.

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Over the past month, Coronavirus has literally changed the lives of Italians, now forced into quarantine, and caused disastrous economic damage. As for the world of comics, in Italy the virus has caused the postponement of some important entertainment events such as Romics 2020 or Napoli Comicon.

And what do you think of it? How are you fighting quarantine? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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