The 100 Season 7 Trailer Announcement

The 100 Season 7
The 100 Season 7

Trailer Announcement of The 100 Season 7

After The 100 Season 6, People are eagerly waiting for the following season of this show. Now, for next The 100 season, they have released a trailer of it. As per the official statement, The 100 Season 7 will be the final season. Here, we solve out every little question about the release date, cast details, and production details of The 100 Season 7.

About Trailer of The 100 Season 7

The Sci-fi series The 100 is on edge of the finish line. A trailer showing that The 100 Season 7 will come up with lots of action sequences. The line that performed in The Trailer “We are the last of the Human Race” this line stole a people’s heart and it gives a sign that how people are desperately waiting for the next Season. The relatable thing in The 100 Season is Isolation. For Clarke and his people, Isolation is the best way to move on and win on Antagonist.

After launching the trailer of The 100 Season 7, Show producer Jason Rothenberg is addressing the media and said that The Anatomy is shown in the trailer and right now they are focusing on making the last season as it best. Every creator that is connected with the show they all are expecting the same things from the 100 seasons 7.

There is one sentence in a The Trailer of The Season 7, this sentence tends to rethink about the show, the line is as follows, “The Anatomy is a Wormhole”. As per the trailer, it catches people who have not watched the previous seasons of The 100.

Release date of The 100 Season 7 

First Episode of The 100 will be shared in the audience on 20, May 2020. On CW Channel you can watch the premiere of The 100 Season 7 and Every Wednesday is the release-day of a new episode.


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