Community Squad Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Community Squad Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Basically, the plot of this series revolves around a group of people who decide to establish a civilian patrol squad in an attempt to enhance the local police force’s reputation. However, when they become embroiled in drug trafficking, their efforts swiftly turn perilous.

Crime and comedy make for a fascinating combination. I’m hoping that everyone feels the same way, because Netflix is launching a brand-new show that combines these two incredible genres. Additionally, the show is titled “Community Squad.”

In essence, Community Squad is a Spanish television show. The narrative revolves around a motley crew of civilian patrolmen who encounter an unforeseen danger.

Community Squad is a comedy-drama television series that will premiere in Argentina in 2023. It was created by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat.

Featuring Santiago Korovsky, Jessica Blue, as well as Pilar Gamboa, Community Squad Season 1 has grown to become one of the most adored Argentinian series on Netflix.

Following Season 1, fans anticipate Community Squad Season 2 to include this amazing group once more.

Here is all the information you need to know regarding Community Squad, a new show that is coming soon to Netflix.

Santiago Korovsky is the creator of this series, which is referred to as División Palermo. The program examines an urban squad tasked with community security.

There is a catch, though. Every member of this squad is a member of a minority community or has a disability.

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Community Squad Season 2 Release Date

Through his social media accounts, he has also expressed how thrilled he is about the news and how hard he is working to bring season 2 of Community Squad to life. In order to further imply that the upcoming season premieres in the summer of 2024, we hope to see a public announcement from Netflix in the year 2024.

Community Squad Season 2 Cast

  • Santiago Korovsky as Felipe
  • Pilar Gamboa as Sofía
  • Daniel Hendler as Miguel
  • Charo Lópeza as Paloma Gutiérrez
  • Martín Garabal as Esteban Vargas
  • Hernán Cuevas as Johnny
  • Facundo Bogarín as Edgardo
  • Valeria Licciardi as Vivianne
  • Renato Condori as Sangalli Mario
  • Marcelo Subiotto as Julio García Reynoso
  • Carlos Belloso as Dogo

Community Squad Season 2 Trailer

Community Squad Season 2 Plot

The Argentine comedy opens with Felipe, our main character, going through a difficult moment in his life. His father, who also happens to be his job, has put him on paid leave, and his long-term girlfriend abruptly ended their relationship.

Despite his bad luck, he is enlisted in The Urban Guards, a police initiative designed to enhance public perception, thanks to his fate—or instead the hunt for his pilfered knapsack. Following a cheesy orientation, it’s evident why they hired them.

When Felipe’s colleague Diego arrives to examine a warehouse to find out who parked their car incorrectly, the real narrative starts.
However, they are greeted by a family of crooks, one of them shoots Diego and leaves her in a coma while Felipe escapes.

Felipe insists that the police conduct a hazy investigation, and after that, it is up to Felipe to figure out who shot Diego.

Because of the frequent creation of memes from the Guards’ photos and videos, their reputation is continuously in danger.

Diego picks down a chicken doll on the day of the shooting, but no one checks inside until Felipe later tosses it to the ground.

He so requests assistance from the police or his fellow guards. Regretfully, Julio, the police chief, doesn’t seem to be interested in his theory.

Felipe’s grandmother feels euphoric after swallowing the drug pills hidden within the doll. At last, Felipe makes the connection between the drug dealer and the toy store.

Felipe and his friends had a hard time finding any clues. They went to meet them after hearing that Diego had come out of a coma one day. However, Felipe is deliberately taken away by Julio alone.

Diego is greeted and conversed with by every member of his crew. Speaking with difficulty, Diego tells the team who the important criminal is.

After cracking jokes about it, the boys come to the conclusion that Diego was shot by Julio, the top inspector.

Julio is with Felipe. The squad becomes alarmed upon discovering this. Before they can ask more questions, though, a doctor evaluates Diego and tells them to go.

The team leaves, but one member comes back and renders the doctor unconscious because she believes he was trying to inject poison inside Diego, the primary witness.

The whole crew sees Felipe already being attacked as soon as they get into the business. One of the kind police officers comes to save Felipe when he is being attacked, but he is shot.

I’m glad he doesn’t get hurt. Before Felipe can face any danger, his team comes on schedule and takes out all the bad guys. Julio succeeds in escaping the mayhem.

An award presentation is performed once the firing has stopped and everyone is secure. The minister gives the police credit for finding the drug dealers, regardless of what the guard squad did.

There is a scenario when Julio is present and he watches the TV award show.

He immediately receives some people pleading with him for money. Julio is shot to death by the Korean man and the Chinese woman as he is saying he will get the money soon.

She tells him to go get the money in Palermo, were the guards are posted. Thus, it is clear that the story is not over.

In the last seconds, the guards enjoy themselves cheerfully, not realizing that danger lies ahead.

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