This Grid Studio frame immortalizes an iPhone 3GS in all its splendor to hang in your office or living room

In 2009 I released my first iPhone. It was an iPhone 3G that I got through my operator a week after the presentation of the iPhone 3GS, something I was unaware of at the time. This model has always held a special place in my memory, as it was the return to the orbit of the block.

Now, a company called Grid Studio you have decided to recover an iPhone dismembered and place it in a frame as if it were a work of art. And he succeeds, creating a piece of decoration full of nostalgia and also beauty.

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closer and closer to free movement

Anyone who is vaccinated against COVID-19, has a negative test or has recently recovered from the disease could circulate freely throughout the territory of the European Union thanks to the new vaccination passport that wants to be implemented.

The so-called Green Digital Vaccination Certificate (CVD) would enter into force in June, in time for the tourist season, when it passes the approval of the governments and the European Parliament, and after having already passed the approval of the European Commission.

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