Castlevania Season 5 available on Netflix


The only horror series on Netflix which is based on the popular videogame of the same name is Castlevania. It was made by Powerhouse Animation and is one of the best-animated series available on Netflix.

As we know that most of the fans want subtitles rather than dubbing the series in their own native language. But Castlevania has one of the best English dub casts. This show is fastest in becoming the most in-demand series on Netflix. In fact, there are long gaps between different seasons but the fans are eagerly waiting for the new ones.

Release Date

It’s first, second and third seasons were released on 7th July 2017, 26th October 2018, and 5th March 2020 respectively. As we can clearly see that there are huge gaps between different seasons, therefore, we can expect that season 4 will be coming between June and August 2021.

As there is no official announcement made of Season 5 but we can expect this also around October and November 2022.

What will be the cast?

As of current information, the following casts are expected to be returned in Season 4.

Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades, James Callis as Alucard, Theo James as Hector, Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Issac, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lenore, Jaime Murray as Carmilla and Bill Nighy as Saint Germain.

As of now, in Season 5 we may also expect the same cast.


The 4 parallel stories that were going on till season 3 gave us hints about the next season. Firstly there is Alucard’s betrayal by Taka and Sumi. Next is the son of Dracula may be far colder to humans.

The Dracula- worshipping cult was defeated by Trevor and Sypha but it seems like the future is not very certain with them. It may happen that the Infinite corridor which is closed might be opened again in the future.

However, the updates on season 5 are still not there.

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