Business Proposal Season 2 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

Business Proposal, an original Korean drama produced by Netflix and based on a webcomic, is absolutely lovely, wonderful, and amusing. It is broadcast on SBS TV every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) from February 28 to April 5, 2022, for a total of 12 episodes. In certain countries, you can also watch the series on Netflix.

Shin Ha Ri, a corporate employee, and single lady, is the show’s protagonist. Her heart falls when she learns that the guy she’s always had a crush on is taken. She plans to hang out with her pal, who has volunteered her for a blind date. To her surprise, Shin Ha Ri’s blind date turns out to be the CEO of the firm where she now works. It’s not hard to guess what will happen now that Kang Tea Mu has agreed to marry his first blind date. The novel is not too lengthy, and the premise is just right to entice readers searching for something to make their stomachs do flips. Due to its immense popularity, viewers have begun investigating details about Season 2 of Business Proposal.

Business Proposal Season 2 Renewal Status

To my dismay, no. The business Proposal’s future on the network is still unknown. This episode airs now on the network. Next week will see the publication of the series’ last two episodes. It’s too soon to tell whether the program will be back for a second season. However, in the K-drama industry, it is extremely rare for shows to be renewed for a second season. Taking this into account, we anticipate the series will cease after the first season’s conclusion.

But things have changed ever since K-drama gained more popularity thanks to streaming services like Netflix. Because of this, it’s possible to float in the air indefinitely. Consequently, a second season of Business Proposal is a possibility. However, Netflix has not yet shown it. The series will become available on Netflix when it has concluded on its original network. The season finale of Business Proposal will also determine whether or not the program will be renewed for a second season.

Business Proposal Storyline

Shin Ha Ri, the story’s protagonist, is a single lady who has harbored romantic feelings for a male friend for a very long time. Jin-Young Seo, a member of the Chaebol family, is the person Shin Ha Ri meets after learning that her boyfriend has a girlfriend.

Shin Ha Ri agrees to go on a blind date with Jin Young Seo, and she even offers to pay her. She does this by dressing as Jin Young Seo and goes on a date with the intent of getting turned down. When Shin Ha Ri’s blind date introduces himself as her boss, Kang Tae Mu, she is taken aback. Kang Tae Mu, CEO of a company founded by his grandpa, is told to attend a blind date set up by his girlfriend.

Kang Tea Mu’s busy girlfriend sets him up on blind dates, which he finds annoying. The next lady he goes on a blind date with turns out to be Jin Young Seo, and he chooses to propose to her. Later that day, Kang Tae Mu called Shin Ha Ri. He then gets down on one knee and implores Shin Ha Ri to accept his marriage proposal. Shin Ha Ri couldn’t think of anything to say.

Business Proposal Season Cast and characters

  • Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo: The new CEO of Go Food, a subsidiary of the chaebol founded by his grandfather.
  • Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri: A researcher part of Go Food’s Food Development Team 1.
  • Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon: Tae-moo’s chief secretary of Go Food.
  • Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo: Ha-ri’s best friend and the only daughter of the chairman of Marine Group.
  • Lee Deok-hwa as Chairman Kang Da-goo: Kang Tae-moo’s grandfather and the founder of Go Food’s parent company
  • Choi Byung-chan as Shin Ha-min
  • Kim Kwang-kyu as Shin Joong-hae
  • Jung Young-joo as Han Mi-mo
  • Song Won-seok as Lee Min-woo
  • Bae Woo-hee as Go Yoo-ra
  • Kim Hyun-sook as Yeo Eui-ju
  • Lim Ki-hong as Gye-bin
  • Yoon Sang-jeong as Kim Hye-ji
  • Noeul [ko] as Shin Geum-hui
  • Joo Hui-jae as Gwang-bok
  • Seo Kwon-sun as Ms. Oh
  • Seo Hye-won as Jo Yoo-jung

Business Proposal Season 2 Plot

Tae-moo wants to send Chairman Kang to the United States for treatment after he faked a blood vessel problem at the conclusion of Season 1. There is currently no cure for his disease in Korea. Ha-ri declines Tae-moo’s invitation to go with him because she is concerned about the rumors it may spark and since Chairman Kang still doesn’t think highly of her.

A year has passed, during which time Ha-ri has shown great professional promise, while Yeong-seo has launched a successful enterprise. Her mother’s reaction to the news of Tae Moo’s scandal drives Ha-Ri to pack her bags and get ready to depart for New York. However, just as she is about to enter the taxi, Tae-moo exits it. He plans to surprise her by getting home from work early.

The cellist’s parents, who disapprove of her connection with an overseas student, spread the rumor that led to the controversy. Kang finally gives his blessing to their romance, and we can’t wait to see them get engaged and married in Season 2. It will be fascinating to see how the pair responds to the upcoming difficulties.

Business Proposal Season 2 Release Date

The second season renewal from SBS TV has not been made public. In addition, Season 2 of Business Proposal might come back after development is completed. Production for Season 2 might drag on for a while, based on Season 1. This might mean a possible comeback in late 2023.

Where can I watch Business Proposal Season 1?

This is your cue to go on the business proposal bandwagon if you haven’t already. All of the episodes of this excellent series are available on Netflix.

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