Brassic Season 5: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know About

After premiering on Sky One on August 22, 2019, the British comedy-drama series Brassic quickly became the network’s most successful comedy in seven years, garnering multiple awards. Vinnie O’Neill and his pals in the made-up town of Hawley are the subjects of Brassic Season 5.

Six episodes made up the first season, which ended on September 19 to rave reviews. The release of Season 5 of Brassic has fans waiting with bated breath. Among Sky’s widely anticipated original comedies for 2023 is the continuation of Brassic for a fifth season.

Brassic Season 5 Renewal Status

Sky’s most popular original comedy series, Brassic, will be back for a fifth season in 2023. production on the BAFTA-nominated series began in October, and Mark Wright’s wife, Michelle Keegan, who plays Erin in the series, announced that production had already wrapped when she released a photo on her Instagram from behind the scenes.

Brassic Season 5 Release Date

The highly awaited fifth season of the critically acclaimed series Brassic will premiere in 2023. As the inhabitants of Hawley prepare for another exciting adventure, fans await the coming back of their favorite characters.

Sky, the premiere destination for British comedy, is set to enjoy a banner year in 2023. With fan-favorite series like Brassic making a comeback and a slew of new shows employing great folks, the landscape of comedy television is about to heat up.

About Brassic Series

Brassic, a British comedy series that premiered in 2019, has quickly become a fan favorite. Vinnie (Joseph Gilgun) is an unemployed man who lives with his best pals in Hawley, a small Northern English town full of lads, ladettes, and criminals. When Vinnie needs money, he throws caution to the wind and takes calculated risks. He constantly leads his ragtag group on hilarious adventures, from shady scheme execution to nonstop celebration.

Michelle Keegan (Erin Croft), Damien Molony (Dylan “Dill” Smith), Tom Hanson (Tommo), and Aaron Heffernan (Cardi) are just a few of the top British comedy performers featured in Brassic. Gilgun shines as the show’s protagonist, the attractive yet destructive Vinnie, and he does so with genuine warmth and comedy. His efforts to make sense of his difficult situation with Erin, an old flame who has come back to Hawley, are both endearing and infuriating.

Brassic Cast and characters

  • Joe Gilgun as Vincent “Vinnie” O’Neill; A disturbed man, Vinnie struggles with bipolar disorder and is plagued by his miserable childhood.
  • Damien Molony as Dylan; Vinnie’s best friend and Erin’s now ex-boyfriend who is knowledgeable and skillful at poker.
  • Michelle Keegan as Erin Croft; Open-minded, fiery, and attractive, her unhappy childhood led to a wild child phase in her teenage years that left her alone and pregnant at a young age.
  • Tom Hanson as Leslie “Cardi” Titt; The “nice guy”, who the group affectionately calls “Cardi” (short for cardiac arrest) due to his obesity and unhealthy diet.
  • Aaron Heffernan as Ashley “Ash” Dennings; Growing up on a traveller site on the outskirts of Hawley he comes from a proud fighting family and, raised by his strict mother
  • Parth Thakerar as Jehan “JJ” Jovani; From a small British Asian family, JJ’s older brothers went into medicine and law but JJ takes after his father who is the black sheep of the family.
  • Ryan Sampson as Tommo; A loner but very content with his lifestyle, Tommo has no family and is happiest when he is taking part in various sexual activities.
  • Joanna Higson as Sugar; A former stripper and Erin’s best friend, who ends up managing the club with her, known as “The Rat and Cutter”.
  • Bronagh Gallagher as Carol Dennings; Ash’s older sister shows an interest in Cardi, which leads to a relationship and eventually marriage.
  • Steve Evets as Farmer Jim; A local farmer near Hawley who allows Vinnie to grow his cannabis plants in an underground bunker at his farm and helps the gang with many of their escapades.
  • Dominic West as Dr. Chris Coxley; Vinnie’s general practitioner who he ends up developing a close bond with.
  • Jude Riordan as Tyler Croft
  • Anthony Welsh as Jak
  • Tadhg Murphy as Gary
  • Carl Rice as Ronnie Croft
  • Ramon Tikaram as Terence McCann
  • Amit Dhut as Calvin
  • Archie Kelly as Shirley Paslowski
  • Beau Ganley as Sadie
  • Bill Paterson as Tony Tillerton
  • Chris Lew Kum Hoi as Hoskins
  • Claude Scott-Mitchell as Sara
  • Darci Shaw as Amy
  • Darren Cahill as Mick Dennings
  • Debbie Rush as Daffne Bishop
  • Ed Gaughan as Gideon
  • Deirdre Donnelly as Mo Dennings
  • Gerard Jordan as Niall Dennings
  • Greg Wood as Barry MacDonagh
  • John McGrellis as Grabbe
  • John Weaver as Carl Slater
  • Kevin Metcalfe as Gerry
  • Leon Harrop as Albie
  • Leon Delroy Williams as Voodoo Ray
  • Lewis Forrester as Reece

Brassic Season 5 Plot

In season 4 of Brassic, Vinnie O’Neill and his gang of rogue companions continue their adventurous escapades into the underworld of petty crime. Erin’s unrequited feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Dylan, complicate their story even further; towards the season’s end, Dylan returns her feelings. It’s a thrilling story with plenty of unexpected turns!

The next season will continue up right where the last one left off. The audience may look forward to more antics from the Brassics. Sky has assured viewers that Season 5 will not disappoint, so we can anticipate some entertaining twists and turns.

Brassic Season 5 Trailer

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that we know the trailer will be out soon. There hasn’t been a teaser or trailer released as of yet.

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