Boy Swallows Universe: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Among the many genres of cinema and television, coming-of-age tales rank high in terms of longevity. It seems like every week brings a new young adult film or an initiative about teenagers becoming adults who “take on the world.” The fact that coming-of-age stories can be related to by almost everyone is probably why they have endured for so long.

Regardless of how smooth or difficult the adjustment was, every adult has been there. Young people, however, may be better prepared for the future by reading coming-of-age novels. While our paths in life may take different paths, we all, like the protagonists and antagonists, must eventually discover our niche in this vast universe.

Boy Swallows Universe

What this means is that Trent Dalton’s semi-autobiographical book Boy Swallows Universe will soon be adapted for television. Fans of Dalton’s novels may like the book-to-series adaption, which follows a young kid (13 years old) as he navigates his family’s dysfunction and searches for his own identity.

In 2019, the novel was nominated for Australia’s Miles Franklin Book Award, a testament to its widespread praise from critics. Therefore, moving from paper to screen seems to be the next natural step. What is the limited series adaptation of Dalton’s novel going to be like on Netflix? To start, let’s take stock of what we know.

Boy Swallows Universe Release Date

Launching on Netflix on January 11, 2024, Boy Swallows Universe is an eight-part series.

Boy Swallows Universe Cast

In the summer of 2022, just before production began, the cast for the adaption was revealed.

  • Travis Fimmel as Lyle Orlik
  • Simon Baker as Robert Bell
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Frances Bell
  • Felix Cameron as Eli Bell
  • Zac Burgess as Eli Bell
  • Lee Tiger Halley as Gus Bell
  • Bryan Brown as Slim Halliday
  • Anthony LaPaglia as Tytus Broz
  • Sophie Wilde as Caitlyn Spies
  • Christopher James Baker as Ivan Kroll
  • HaiHa Le as Bich Dang
  • Isaac Strutt-Stevens as Christopher
  • Deborah Mailman as Poppy Birkbeck
  • Ben O’Toole as Teddy
  • Emily Eskell as PC Daley

Boy Swallows Universe Crew

Along with Dalton, the program will be produced by Joel Edgerton (who was most recently seen in Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi) and brought to Netflix by Troy Lum of Brouhaha Entertainment. The Stranger, a Netflix original film that premiered in October 2022, also features Edgerton.

Noted screenwriter John Collee penned the screenplays. Along with Joycelyn Moorhouse and Kim Mordaunt, Emmy nominee Bharat Nalluri will also direct episodes for the series. Roy Lum, Andrew Mason, Sophie Gardiner, Joel Edgerton, and Kerry Roberts are the executive producers.

Boy Swallows Universe Plot

Eli Bell, a 12-year-old residing in Brisbane, Australia, in 1983, is the protagonist of Boy Swallows Universe (maybe a parody of Boy Meets World?). His stepfather sells heroin, his mother is in prison, and he has lost both of his parents. His life is certainly not easy. Slim, a fugitive from justice who watches after Eli and his elder brother August, who is nonverbal, is the only steady adult in his life.

As the plot progresses, Eli confronts renowned drug dealer Tytus Broz to rescue his mother from jail and find his father, who goes missing. When he discovers the kind of guy he aspires to be, he manages to fall in love. Throughout the story, you may also find elements of magical realism.

It would seem from that synopsis that Boy Swallows Universe isn’t exactly a coming-of-age story that everyone can relate to. The public probably won’t relate to a 12-year-old fighting off drug dealers and thugs.

Finding our place in this vast universe may be difficult, and many of us have had tough home lives—though maybe not to the same degree. People who have been through anything comparable to Eli’s journey of self-discovery may probably connect.

Boy Swallows Universe Episodes

Eight one-hour episodes would make up Boy Swallows Universe, according to Netflix’s original announcement. It has been shortened to seven episodes, as we have now learned.

Where to watch Boy Swallows Universe?

Netflix will soon have Boy Swallows Universe available to stream.

Boy Swallows Universe Trailer

The Boy Swallows Universe trailer is out there. “Hi, I’m Eli Bell, and I’ve got a story,” Eli says, and it seems like he does. The only one who can save his family from their disaster is Eli, who gets caught up in it. Additionally, it seems that it will not be a simple task. Just below this, you’ll see the trailer.

Boy Swallows Universe Filming Status

Filming in Brisbane, Australia started in August 2022 and ended in December 2022. The production is anticipated to have a substantial impact on the local economy and employment market.

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