Boruto: the protagonist and Kawaki just can’t stand each other, will they ever manage to bond?

At the moment of their first meeting, both Boruto and Kawaki perceived a kind of resonance between them. However, the two boys just can’t stand each other and violently vent their mutual dislike. Here are the two protagonists of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations in an embarrassing challenge.

Naruto’s sequel anime has officially kicked off a new story arc that will lead viewers to delve into Kawaki’s figure and uncover the Kara Organization’s plots. Entitled “Kawaki: Clash With Kara”, this saga began with episode number 194, an episode in which Casa Uzumaki gives the welcome to the Receptacle.

Taken into custody by the Seventh Hokage, who is reflected in him, Kawaki was welcomed at his home, where Hinata, little Himawari and Boruto are waiting for him. But between the two boys the spark bursts at every smallest occasion.

We find a very funny example of their rivalry when, as soon as they wake up, they challenged each other on who should go to the bathroom first. Kicked out of the house by Naruto, Kawaki and Boruto found themselves satisfying their bladder problems in the garden. Despite the punishment, however, neither of them put aside the battle ax and they found themselves once again competing. This time, however, getting serious.

As you can see from the clip at the bottom of the article, shared on Twitter by the user Abdul_S17, Boruto and Kawaki have given vent to their rivalry by hitting each other, ending up involuntarily activating the Karma, seal that seems tie them in a strange way.

Will they ever be able to become brothers? In the meantime, let’s discover the true nature of Jigen in Boruto. Here is a preview for Boruto episode 195.

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