Boruto: the Ninja Alliance has faltered, that’s what a new war was about to unleash

The Alliance between the five great Ninja countries is still very fragile. The numerous past clashes are still being felt and mutual trust is never true. And in the novel Naruto: Shikamau’s Story –Mouring Clouds this sand castle was about to collapse.

The novel dedicated to Shikamauru allows us to give one more human and dark look to the advisor of the Seventh Hokage, as well as to an action that was about to lead to very serious and irreparable consequences.

During the novel, l’Hokage Naruto has a summit among the five new Kage of the Ninja Alliance, namely the Raikage Darui, the Kazekage Gaara, the Mizukage Chojuro and the Tsuchikage Kurotsuchi. The latter is unhappy with Konoha’s actions, especially after the attempted invasion of Momoshiki Otsutsuki. In his view, the Leaf is monopolizing power to combat these threats, effectively bringing other countries to their knees.

Kurotsuchi believes that all villages should have access to “weapons” of this kind, stressing that it cannot be done yet. trust Konoha, which has Naruto and Sasuke on his side. Additionally, Tsuchikage is shocked that the Leaf hasn’t revealed to others the important advances made with ninja science tools. In fact, they only came to light when Boruto cheated on the Chunin exam.

According to Kurotsuchi’s point of view, Konoha is lying, accumulating power and getting stronger and stronger. But in the face of these accusations Shikamaru intervenes, arguing that everyone is doing the same, albeit at a slower pace than the Leaf. Tsuchikage, however, insists that Konoha should share her secrets and on the latter point she gets Chojuro’s favor.

While Naruto keeps his cool, this lack of confidence strongly irritates Shikamaru, who blurted out responds to the accusations. Shikamaru claims that the Tsuchikage makes these accusations only to break into the Land of Flowers, obtaining minerals and resources that her village needs.

In reality, Naruto is aware that it is the Daimyo of the Village of the Rock who is pressing. Shikamaru, however, has now put aside any attempts at reasoning and uses his shadow jutsu to block both Kurotsuchi and Chojuro. This action, which is in fact an attack on the two Villages, is about to unleash the Fifth Great Ninja War, but the Hokage finally intervenes at the table, who calms the hot spirits of the trio with his Talk no Jutsu.

Naruto states that the alliance should quell envy, so that the old bloody days don’t fall upon the new generations. What they fought against Kaguya, and also against Momoshiki, must be protected, so as to give a hopeful future to their heirs.

And what do you think of Shikamaru’s actions? Should Naruto have been more severe towards him? Here is who could replace the shoulder of the Hokage in Boruto. A new reunion between the five Kage has been organized to decide the future of Konoha in Boruto.

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