Boruto: John Boyega shares his first impressions of the anime

John Boyeha's latest social interventions have further highlighted the actor's passion for Naruto. He has repeatedly stated that he has a special relationship with Japanese animation, and in the last few hours he has informed his followers that he has seen the first episodes of Boruto.

These have been his first impressions:

"I tried to look at Boruto tonight, but I just can't do it."

The actor's thoughts drew comments from numerous fans of the series, with some of these who supported his vision. Others praised Boruto's structure, arguing that the presence of filler narrative arches is precisely what was missing from the original, where the future adaptation of the paper material will help to advance the vertical narration of the work.

It is clear that if you approach the vision of series like Boruto and Dragon Ball Super, with the intention of finding the original spirit of production, there is a high probability of being disappointed. Of course the Boruto manga represents a more effective choiceand in this sense, since it leaves out the slice of life moments of the narrative focusing more on the development of the plot.

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What do you think? How was your first impact with Boruto? Tell us below with a comment.

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