Boruto: here are the reactions of the fans to the spectacular double Rasengan of the last episode

Since the first episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations the young protagonist showed a strong character, determined to establish himself as a skilled ninja solely through his abilities, and not relying on the importance of his father Naruto, the seventh Hokage of the Leaf Village.

The new mission of Team 7, namely recover and protect the cells of the first Hokage Hashirama, found on the black market, naturally put Boruto and his companions in very dangerous situations. However, the last episode aired yesterday, 164, showed an incredible combined attack with which the ninja of Konoha managed to defeat the opponents.

To complete the extraordinary combo of Sarada and Mugino they went into action Konohamaru e Boruto, scagliando un doppio Rasengan which has been a huge success among fans, both for the realization of the animations and for the iconic technique used. At the bottom of the news you can find several reactions that fans wanted to share on social networks after the intense fight.

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All the fans were impressed by the team up that occurred between Konohamaru and Boruto, while others also pointed out the importance that Mugino had in the fight, therefore, it seems that the choice to insert it earlier in the anime than seen in the manga, has been appreciated.

Recall that information on Boruto’s new ending has been revealed, and we leave you with the synopsis of episode 168.


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