Boruto Chapter 84 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Boruto Chapter 84 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

After Episode 83, Mitsuki’s story took a new direction, and in Boruto Episode 84, we will finally see Mitsuki meet Lord Ku.

Without a doubt, Onoki dreams of winning the Nobel Prize, but Lord Ku’s motives appear callous. Ku appears to have planned the situation with Onoki, and he is enraged for his master.

This is usual in Shonen Jump series because of how tough it is to obtain any spoiler details for a meaningful amount of time prior to the issue’s release due to their totally digital production process.

The omnipotence arc keeps moving forward as Boruto deals with yet more enormous challenge. The future that had been hinted at way back during the first chapter is actually coming to pass.

If Eida wants to be close to Kawaki, Shikamaru advises her to defect to Konohagakure. Shikamaru’s attempt to persuade Eida is being outteased by spoilers and leaks about the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 70 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” begins where the previous chapter left off. Eida is invited to Konohagakure by Shikamaru.

Shikamaru realizes that Eida’s left eye is not functioning properly. He worries and considers whether Eida may have a point.

Code cautions Amado not to run away from his obligations in the meanwhile. Code suddenly approaches Eida and inquires as to her whereabouts. Eida is angered by Code’s aggressive demeanor.

In Chapter 70 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Naruto approaches Amado’s lab and tries to enter.

Naruto is followed by Boruto and Sasuke, who show up behind him. Shikamaru is informed by Eida that she is aware of Naruto’s presence within the lab.

She admits that the reason she won’t let them inside is for their personal safety. Eida’s use of her senrigan is recognized by Shikamaru.

This month saw the official publication of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, and fans have already expressed great excitement over the new manga. Every skip period is filled with anticipation.

Fans get to see the maturity and physical development of their favorite characters.

Most importantly, it is enjoyable to watch characters in any series develop as they become stronger.

Boruto Chapter 84 Release Date

On November 20, 2023, the official Japanese release of Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 84 is planned. The following information on the release of Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 84 in English:

Boruto Chapter 84 Trailer

Boruto Chapter 84 Plot

Second, we see in the movie’s trailer that Ku tells Mitsuki about his scheme while they are both by themselves. This gives a clear indicator of how nasty Ku’s brain is.

After reading this chapter, it will be clearer what Ku’s strategy is. Despite the fact that Mitsuki should be taken seriously, we discover a curse marking on him, suggesting that Ku’s plan is doomed to failure.

Onoki and I will discover the truth about Ku’s objectives by the end of this chapter. One among the many options is this.

Konahamaru, who is now on a task, may need to investigate into a suspicious situation. When the Mitsuki arc concludes, Kurotsuchi might make an appearance.

We need to pay attention to a few details from the last episode. First, Lord Ku repeatedly defies Onoki’s command to protect Boruto.

Second, the trailer showed that Ku meets Mitsuki on his own and tells him about his strategy. This is a blatant indication of Ku’s malevolent mind.

On the other hand, Boruto may appreciate the good reason since Onoki is with him. We shall learn more about Ku’s scheme in this chapter.

While Mitsuki is a problem, we can see an evil mark upon him that could undermine Ku’s plot.

By the end or this chapter, there is a good chance that Onoki will learn about Ku’s genuine motivations.

On the other side, Onoki is assisting Boruto in understanding the significance of the mission.

One of these grimes strikes Kawaki as he joins the battle at this time. These superior claw grimes are removed by Boruto and Kawaki independently, demonstrating how much stronger they have become over time.

In the midst of their fight, Code was reminded of the significance of True Horrors of Ten Tails by Boruto.

He seems to be privy to information about them which no one else is. He further said that everyone throughout the world will have the worst future as a result of this.

The conflict among Code and Boruto is intensifying, as was previously expected. This might quickly develop into a three-way conflict with Kawaki included.

The plans that other characters may have, just like how Boruto had his new Rasengan, are going to be intriguing to observe.

The reader will see Sarada’s newly enhanced abilities in action as she likely will be the only one to defeat Superior Claw Grimes, who poses a new threat.

Sasuke Uchiha’s comeback now looks unlikely because the first Boruto Two Blue Vortex sections appear to be largely focused on the current generation of shinobi.

But there’s a chance he’ll be up soon, and we’re eager to watch Sasuke’s second time-travel advancement.

Additionally, seeing that Boruto is regarded as a traitor, the fresh Hokage Shikamaru is likely to join the conflict in an effort to seize him.

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