Boruto 192: that’s why it is one of the best episodes of the series

Several episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations recently they have thrilled the fans and also the last part of the story published is not far behind. Here are its strengths.

The new story is titled “Past“and thanks to it, Boruto fans were able to further deepen Kawaki’s childhood by discovering the exploitation to which he was subjected by his father and the consequent purchase of the boy by Jigen. Thanks to the animations from ‘realistic look it is easy to get involved in the narration and be enchanted by the sight of the goldfish, imagined by the protagonist of the flashback to escape from reality, which swim in the air around him.

The quality of the episode reaches without much difficulty that of other episodes such as “Resonance” in which Kawaki was the protagonist of his first battle shown in Boruto. This also happens thanks to topics covered who can recall some of the most exciting stories told within Naruto. While the concepts of family and friendship are often explored in the series, in Boruto 192 we discover the life of a character who grew up devoid of these values ​​and mistreated by those around him. The resulting traumas make him seem, in the eyes of fans, a character similar to that of Sasuke in the original series.

Despite the new ninja stories have often disappointed the fans long-standing some episodes have proved their worth. And what do you think of it? In your opinion, what are the episodes of Boruto at the height of the first series? Let us know in the comments.

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